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From the eternal commandment of Imam Khomeini

From the eternal commandment of Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred)

In the ambiance of the victory of the Islamic revolution

Imam Khomeini’s commandment is an endorsement for every correct decision and an answer for every question... Titles of some of the basics that the Imam, God’s blessings be upon him, has included in his commandment are the following:

a- The first basic pillar for the revolution’s victory is represented by the “Devine motive and high goal for the Islamic government, while on the other hand, defeat is faced when this motive is absent.”

And in order to link to this motive purely, Imam Khomeini advised to grasp to:

- Ahl AlBayt(The Prophet and the Imams), peace be upon them, to be proud to belong to them and above all to the Greatest Prophet, peace be upon him and his family.

- The Qur’an which leads people from darkness to light.

- The heritage of Ahl AlBayt, (peace be upon them), such as Nahj AlBalagha, Al-sahifa Al-sajjadiyya, supplications, ziyarats, Lady Fatima’s book, Aljafer and Imam Ali’s book…

- Clearly identify the enemy, which is nowadays America and Israel.

b- The second basic pillar is “the unity of the people all over the country for this motive and that goal.”

In order to preserve this unity, Imam Khomeini requested to work for the major goals and to leave minor issues. Regarding this, he (May his secret be sacred) says: “My request is that first, reality should be known. Be merciful towards the condition of this Islam which today, after hundreds of years of suffering the cruelty of tyrants and ignorance of people, is a baby that has recently learnt to walk and born surrounded by external and internal enemies… And you, creators of disputes, think: Isn’t it better that you leave depression and reckon instead of reformation and help? And instead of supporting hypocrites, tyrants, capitalists and monopolists who are unjust and ignorant of God, support the oppressed, persecuted and deprived. And instead of caring about and indirectly supporting groups (instead of unity) and corruptive murderers, care about the murdered, oppressed spiritualists and workers…

Moreover, Imam Khomeini’s commandment to the armed forces and fighters (mojahideen – those who choose to undergo jihad) included:

“My brotherly will at the final steps of my life to the armed forces is that, dear you whom the love of Islam has filled your hearts and in the love of God you continue your sacrifice in the war fronts and valuable works around the country… be alert and cautious, behind the curtains there are political players who are experts and impressed by the east, west and suspicious hands of offenders.

Their arms of betrayal and offense are directed from every corner towards you… and more than any other group, you dear, who have supported the revolution and revived Islam with your sacrifices, they want to use you and detach you from Islam and the people in the name of Islam and serving the people and the country so that they place you at either one of the two poles which are eating the world, and by that canceling all your efforts and sacrifices using their political pranks and false appearances of Islam and nationalism.

I request from the armed forces at the end of this earthly life to be upright in your loyalty to Islam as you are loyal today, for it is the only approach for independence and freedom, and Almighty God asks everyone by His light of guidance to the haughty position of humanity to be upright, for that will save you and save your country and people from the shame of being followers and linked to the forces that only want you to be slaves for them… and prefer life with dignity, despite the problems, over the demeaning life of slavery to the foreigners even if it had animalist luxury…”

Eventually, all Praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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