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The Prophet as a Mujahid

The Prophet as a Mujahid (peace be upon him and his household)

Occasion: The birth of the Prophet (PBUHP) and Imam Al-Sadiq (A.S.)

We congratulate the master of this time Al Imam Al Mahdi, may God hasten his honorable reappearance, the Authority of Muslims during the absence of Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his honorable reappearance) Imam Al-Khamenei (May God lengthen his presence among us), all the believers and particularly the mujahidin (combatants) on the birth of the leader of human race, Mohammad bin Abdillah (PBUHH), in the 17th of Rabi’ Awwal.

The Believers' Idol

The Holy Qur’an has asserted that the Prophet (PBUHP) is the model for the believers, who constantly remember the Almighty God, about whom Exalted He has said in surat Al-Ahzab, verse: 21 the following: ﴾There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often ﴿[i]. Following him is satisfied by carrying his traits and his fine morals. An example of which is his devotion to Almighty God, his ethics with the community, his jihad against the enemies of God and his consistency on the right path.

The verse mentioned earlier, which is known as the verse of oswa, meaning an excellent example and model (which refers to the Holy Prophet (PBUHP) ), is among the verses which talk about the battle of Ahzab and insist on following the jihad pertaining personality of the Holy Prophet(PBUHP) and here are some of its features:

Jihad features in the Holy Prophet (PBUHP)

• His diligence in fighting:

Ibn Shahr Ashoub AlMazindrani in his book “Manaqeb Al Abi Taleb”, which means the good traits of Al Abi Taleb, mentions about the Prophet’s blessed biography: “And when he wore his military suite, he didn’t take it off until he fought, and didn’t come back if he left, and doesn’t lose if he met the enemies even if they were many against him.” Moreover, in Bihar AlAnwar, Allama Majlisi said that among the names which the Prophet (PBUHP) has been known with is “alqattal” which means that he used to know well about fighting. He was also called by that because he was very persistent on jihad and didn’t refrain from fighting in battles. That is all in the path of seeking ALLAH and not refraining from it.

Concerning the Prophet’s military readiness (PBUHP) Imam Ali (A.S.) talks to us about it: “… and doesn’t travel unless he is ready to fight his enemy.”

• His worship through Jihad

It is narrated that a Jew told Imam Ali (A.S.) the following: “… they claim that Prophet Issa used to spend long times in worship and remembering Exalted God”, to which he replied: “He was like that, and Mohammad’s worship (PBUHP) was in jihad and he was able to guide in ten years an uncountable number of Bedouin, sedentary and Arab groups.”
Moreover, to assert the importance of following the Holy Prophet (PBUHP) and that worshiping Almighty God through jihad is not restricted to him but also to his umma (nation), it is narrated that he said: “For every umma there is a means of worship, and the worship of my people is jihad for the sake of Allah.”

• Fighters considered him as a refuge:

It is narrated that the master of the believers Ali ibn abi Talib  (A.S.) said: “if the battle was in its peek and got harder, we found refuge in the messenger of God, and there wasn’t anyone closer to the enemy than him, and this is well known in the battle of Ohod, where the opponents were great in number.”
His call for Jihad
Many are the prophetic sayings which reveal the value and significance of jihad in the path towards the Exalted God. Moreover, jihad also guarantees the dignity and pride of the nation, whereas abandoning it will bring humbleness and humiliation.

-          The Holy Prophet (PBUHP) talked about the loss in the Day of Judgment for having abandoned jihad in his saying: "The one who meets God without a sign of jihad, meets God with a notch.”

-          He also condemned those who didn’t have the intention to fight nor helped in wars and he said about that: “The one who dies and haven’t participated in wars, nor had the intention to, dies as a hypocrite.”

-          The Prophet (PBUHP) also showed the rank of jihad in his saying: “Jihad is the pillar of religion and the approach of the happy people (with the approval of Almighty God).”

Eventually, Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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