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Al-Zahraa (A.S.) in Imam Khomeini's Words

Al-Zahraa (A.S.) in Imam Khomeini's Words

Occasion: Birth of Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S.)

We offer congratulations to the Master of this Time Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance) and his Supreme Leader during his absence, in particularly for this blessed memory of The Mistress of the Women of All the Worlds Sayyeda Fatima's birthday (peace be upon her) in which the universe glistened with the light in the moment she was born on Jumada al-thani, in the fifth year from the seal of prophet's mission (peace be upon him and his family). This special day had gained much importance when Sayyeda Fatima's grandson Rouhollah Mousawi Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) was born. He declared this day as a universal day for woman saying: "If it is inescapable to dedicate a day for the woman, then which day will be more sublime and glorious than the day of the birth of Sayyda Fatima Al-Zahraa (peace be upon her): The woman who is the source of pride for The Impeccable Household (peace be upon them) and who shines like the sun on the forehead of noble Islam?".

The Perfect Person

The departure Imam (May his secret be sacred) described the personality of the Veracious lady by saying: "She is a woman who equates all the men, a woman who is the model of the human,… a woman who had personified the complete humanitarian identity". Imam Khomeini hinted that she was first originated from the paradise's tree "Touba", and this makes her Hawraa, from Al-Malakout world; with this respect, he says: "She wasn't a normal woman, she was a spiritual woman, a Malakoty woman; she is a real and a perfect humanitarian woman".

Al-Zahraa Traits

Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) focused on the benign traits of the Lady of all the Worlds by saying: "She is the woman who is endowed with all the Prophets' traits".

The Mother of the Imams

During his speech, Imam Khomeini hinted also to the turn of Sayyeda Al-Zahraa (A.S.) in raising her great sons (peace be upon them) by saying: "she raised her kids in a small chamber and in a modest home persons who's their light circulates the entire world. Peace be upon this modest chamber which ascended the throne of the divine greatness luminosity and a house in which an elite of Adam's children were raised up in".

The mother of her Father

Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred) pointed out to the Prophet's veneration ways for Fatima (peace be upon them both), whether with performing or saying. For example, whenever Lady Fatima (A.S.) enters the place where her father (peace be upon him and his household) is sitting, he stands up directly to kiss her hands and greets her; then, he takes her hand, and seats her in his place, and says: "He who knew her, then its ok, and he who doesn't know her, then he should know that she is a part of me, she is my heart and my soul that is in my body. And he who hurts her, then he will be hurting me." Imam Khomeini commented on this veneration by saying: "the Islamic history is a witness for the extreme veneration of this noble Lady by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household), and hence can clarifies the special greatness of the woman in the society, so that if she is not better than men, then her status is not less than them".

Peace be upon her father, the master and the prophet of the people, upon her, who is the Women of All the Worlds, and upon her grand son, who was born in the same day of her birth, upon the one who paved the way for the Master of this time Imam Mahdi, who will purify the world from oppression and aggression and reappear in the Mohammad's state shinning with Al-Zahraa's lights.

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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