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Hadith From Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S)

Hadith From Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S)

1- The affliction is one for the patient and is two for the impatient.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 437)

2- Taciturnity is a great wisdom. Be silent that it is a good tranquility and cause for decrease of sins.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 414)

3- Refrain from joking because it wipes off your spiritual appearance.(Behar Al-anwar, Vol. 78, P 321)

4- Consultation with the wise advisor is a blessing, grace, guidance and successby God, there fore, if the benevolent wise gave you an opinion, refrain fromoppossing because this causes destruction.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 420)

5- There is nothing which your eyes can see unless have admonishment.(Behar Al-anwar, Vol. 78, P 319)

6- Verily, God has two authorities over the people. An apparent one and ahidden one. His apparent authority is the messengers, prophets and Imams; and the consealed authority is the people's minds.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 407)

7- Patience for solitudes is the sign of mind's power, whoever by the ExaltedGlorious God uses his reasoning isolates from the people of this world and itslovers, and desires what is with God;  God is his companion in horror, friendin loneliness, wealth in poverty, and houour when have no family or tribe.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 407)

8- Every thing has an evidence, the evidence for the wise is contemplation andthe evidence for contemplation is silence.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 406)

9- Verily the most important among the people is the one not caring for worldlypositions;  know that the value of your bodies is nothing but paradise so don'tsell it with other than that.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 410)

10- The best means by which a slave seeks proximity to God after his (God's) recognition is praying, benevolence to parents, and abandonment of envy,self-conceit and vaunting.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 412)

11- God has forbidden his paradise for any shameless foulmouthed person who doesn'tcare for what he says or what is said to him.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 416)

12- Refrain from vanity, because whoever has a grain of vanity in his heart doesn'tenter paradise.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 414)

13- Associating with the religious individuals is the honour of this world and thehere after.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 420)

14- Refrain from associating with people and friendship with them unless find awise and honest among them, (if so)  then take him as a friend and escapefrom the others as you escape from fierce animals.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 420)

15- A believer is as the two pans of the scale that whenever his faith increaseshis afflictions increase.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 432)

16- Supererogatory prayers are the way for the believer's closeness to God.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

17- The caller on the day of judgement calls : let him stand, the one who has totake wage from God, and nobody stands except for the one who has forgiven andhas made reconciliation among people, so his reward is by God.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 435)

18- Your aid to the weak is of the best charities.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 437)

19- He who was condemned with injustice knows its severity.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 437)

20- Whenever people committed new sins which they didn't use to do, God gives themnew afflictions which they didn't expect.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 434)

21- Be after deep understanding in religion because this is the key for insight,and perfection of worship;  and is the cause for attaining high degrees andgreat levels in the affairs of this world and religion.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 434)

22- Kindness and love to people is half of wisdom.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

23- Whoever wanted to be the strongest among the popele should depend upon God.(Behar Al-anwar, Vol. 71, P 143)

24- Whoever has two of his days equal to each other is ggpped, whoever had hissecond day worse that his first is cursed, whoever sees no increase in himselfis decreasing and whoever is decreasing death is better than life for him.(Behar Al-anwar, Vol. 78, P 327)

25- Is not of us (the one)  who didn't reckon himself every day, so if did agood deed ask God for its increase and if did a bad- deed, ask God'sforgiveness and make repentence to him.(Osool Al-kafi, Vol. 4, P 191)

26- Anger is the key to any evil.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 416)

27- Have patience in obeying and in not disobeying God because this world is only ashort period of time, you don't feel the happiness and sorrow of what haspassed and don't know of what didn't come yet. There fore have patience forthat are in now as if you were happy.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 417)

28- This world is as the sea- water the more the thirsty (person)  drink themore he is thirsty till kill him.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 417)

29- Every thing has a charity tax and the charity tax for the bodies is recommendedfasting.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

30- Whoever made supplication before (thanking and)  praising God and sendingblessing upon the prophet (p)  is as the one who throws an arrow without abowstring.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

31- Management is half of living.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

32- Fewness of children is a kind of affluency.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

33- Whoever made his parents sad, has been ungrateful to them.(Tohaf Al-okool, P. 425)

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