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The importance of honesty is clear since God Almighty described himself with this feature.

In the generous Quran (chapter Al-Nisaa verse no87): Who is truer in statement than Allah?﴿ and verse no122): and who can be more truthful than Allah in utterance﴿.

Therefore honesty is one of the basics in sending God's messengers.

According to this fact Imam Sadeq said: "Allah sent all messengers with honesty of speech and to deliver their deposit to both dutiful and libertine people".

Honesty played an important role in the last prophet's (peace be upon him and his household) mission. He was famous for being an honest and trusted person, and at the beginning of his blessed appeal he depended on his honesty when he called people after standing up on Al Marwah stone and asked: Are you going to believe me people If I told you there is an army behind this mountain who wants to attack you?!

All people agreed and they swore by Allah he never lied. Then he said: "I'm a portent from Allah's punishment".

God Almighty commanded us to follow his followers by describing them with honesty –Chapter Al Tawbah verses no 199: Oh ya who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful﴿.

Also Imam Al Sadeq (A.S.) informed us that what counts in man's goodness is his honesty and faithfulness. He said: "don’t be deceived by their prayers nor fasting for he might get used to them and thus misses them if left. But test them during their honest speech and faithfulness".

The impacts of honesty

There are some benefits of honesty which were mentioned by Ahlu Al byet:

1. It's a rescuer: Imam Ali (PBUH) said: "Honesty saves u even if you're afraid of the truth and lying lets you down even if u feel secure."
2. It's a bonus: Imam Kazem said: "an honest tongue increases duty".
3. it's a reformer: Imam Ali said: "honesty is the goodness of everything and lying is the corruption of everything".
4. it's a glory as Imam Ali said: "honesty is glory".
5. You become close to the prophet (PBUH) as the Prophet said: "The closest one to me in Doom's Day is the one with the most honest speech today."

The relation between honesty and faith

Ahlu Al byet concentrated on the strong link between honesty and faith, where Imam Ali (A.S.) said: "honesty is faith's head", and he also said: "The strongest base of faith is honesty". Therefore any body may destroy an important base of his faith by lying. Imam Sadeq said: "lying is the corruption of faith".

Imam Khomeini comments on this by saying: "Actually, such information shakes man deeply and affects the human's heart and soul. I think that lying is a bad habit which has become accepted due to the fact that it's widespread among people. Thus, people no longer feel how ugly this feature is. But there will be a time in which we're aware and feel that faith, our capital for the last world, is no longer in our hands since we underestimated lying without even feeling so".

May Allah protect us from lying and bless us with honesty.

Eventually, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

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