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Obsession [Waswas] and Its Treatment

Q: Since several years ago, I am suffering from obsessive doubting [waswas]. It has really been tormenting me. I suspect everything and my whole life is affected with doubt, mostly in relation to food and wet things. I referred to a specialist to solve my problem but in vain. What should I do?

A: The rules of purity and najasah are the same as those which have been explained in detail in books of practical laws. In Islamic law, all things are considered pure unless one is certain that it is impure.

People suffering from a severe psychological sensitivity in respect with najasah - who are called waswasis as an Islamic term - should consider everything pure even if they become sure that it is najis except for situation in which they see with their eyes that certain thing became najis, i.e. other people would be sure about its najasah if they saw it. It is only in such situation that waswas? people would assume this thing najis. They continue to comply with this ruling until this psychological problem is completely cured.

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