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Night Prayer

Q: Please explain in detail the way of performing night prayer?

A: Night prayer comprises eleven rak‘ahs in all. Eight of these rak‘ahs are performed two by two intending night prayers. The next two rak‘ahs are performed as al-shaf ‘ prayer, and the last rak‘ah is known as rak‘ah al-watr. It is recommended, in the qun?t of rak‘ah al-watr, to seek Allah's forgiveness, to pray for believers, and to make appeals for fulfillment of requests to the Beneficent Allah in accordance with what is mentioned in the books of supplications. Its time is from ‘midnight’ until fajr adhan, the closer to fajr adh?n the better. A traveler - or a person for whom it is too difficult to perform it on time – can say it at early night. Like other recommended prayers, you can say it in sitting position.

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