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Q: One may find it necessary, in order to get one's legitimate business finished easily, to pay money to the official concerned in a particular department. The person is fully aware that if they do not pay this money they will not get the business done. Does it amount to bribery? Is it haram? Does the necessity, which pushed him to pay the money, prevent it to fall in the category of bribery so that it cannot be considered haram?

A: Giving any money or the like to the employees of any department – who are responsible for performing people’s works - in return for a favor in facilitating one's business, which inevitably leads to spreading corruption in such departments, is haram as per Islamic law even though it does not make any trouble to other people. Illusion of “necessity” is not something to justify this practice.
By the same token, the employees themselves whom are obliged to facilitate people’s business according to law must not ask for, or take, any unlawful payment for the work they do. In case they have received such money, they should return the same to the payer, as they have no right using it.

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