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The Decorum of Performing the Ziyarah of Hadrat Masouma (SA)

Knowing the manners and decorum of performing the ziyarah is very essential for the pilgrims so that they can attain the blessings of ziyarah of the holy personalities. Here some of the conventions and manners of performing the ziyarah in its best way are explained.

1. Before starting the pilgrimage the person should perform Ghusl (bathing).

2. To enter the holy shrine with the pure intention of imploring for forgiveness from Allah so that the pilgrims' ziyarah is accepted by Allah.

3. To enter the holy shrine after performing Wudu (ablution) or Ghusl (bathing) with neat and clean perfumed clothing.

4. While going towards the holy shrine the pilgrim should walk with peace and dignity with concentration of mind and remembering Allah.

5. While entering the holy shrine's precincts the pilgrim should first keep the right foot and while leaving should keep the left foot at the end of the precincts of the holy shrine. While entering the holy shrine it is highly recommended to recite the supplication to enter the holy shrine.

6. When sighting the holy grave the pilgrim should recite the salutations (salawat) on the Holy Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H) and his Pure Progeny and recite praises for Allah .

7. While reciting the ziyarah on the upper side of the holy burial chamber of Hadrat Masouma (AS), first face towards the Qibla and recite 34 times Allahu Akbar, 33 times Subhan Allah and 33 times Alhamdulillah. Then recite the ziyarah of Hadrat Masouma (AS).

8.Then the pilgrim should keep the right and left sides of the face on the zarih and implore from Allah for the fulfillment of lawful needs .

9.Then perform the two rakah salaat and gift its reward to Hadrat Masouma (AS).

10. When the A'zaan (Call to Salaat) is announced the pilgrim should first perform the salaat in jamaat (congregation).

11. The pilgrim should pray to Allah to grant everything good and beneficial to his friends and relatives and implore to Allah for their forgiveness. He should regularly recite the Holy Qur'an and the recommended supplications (dua) and the ziyarah narrated by the Holy Imams (AS) like Ziyarat-i Jameh-i Kabeer and Ziyarat-i Aminullah.

The respected pilgrims should keep the mentioned below two points in their consideration.

1. The pilgrims should avoid performing any acts which can be misused by the enemies of the religion like prostrating while seeing the zarih and the holy grave. These type of acts are against the Will of Allah and the Holy Ahlul Bayt (AS) also disapprove them. It will also give excuse to the enemies of the Shi'ites to frame false and baseless allegations against them.

2. The women pilgrims should strictly observe the perfect Islamic hijab in the holy shrine and should avoid from wearing any type of indecent clothing or make up of the face which is against the norms of Islamic hijab. If women pilgrims do not observe Islamic hijab, not only the ziyarah will not be accepted but that person will suffer severe tribulation for this behaviour.

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