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The Degree of Effects of Barzakh

Compared with this world, one of the specialities of the realm of Barzakh is effectiveness. In the science (Ilm) of Hikmat (physics) there is a theoretical discussion the description where of is of no use for the common masses. So we will proceed after making only a hint to that thing (Mudrak) meaning a thing that can affect and the thing which gets affected are two things. The more these two things are powerful, the more will be their feeling.

These fruits and these sweets and the pleasure which we derive in this world are in comparison with those in the realm of Barzakh, like a drop in the ocean. The tastefulness there is immeasurably more than it is here. If only a part of the face Hoorul-Ain (heavenly Houri) becomes unveiled, it will dazzle the eyes of the whole world. If the entire of beauty of that fairy opens it will outwit the shining of the sun. Doubtlessly absolute beauty is available only there.

The Divine Words are: Inna.Amala (S. Kahf: 7) meaning: We have made whatever is in the world an adoration but it is a beauty which is a test or trial. The intention is to differentiate between child and a major person whereby it may be known as to who becomes mad after this toy of children (this material world) and who does not pay any attention to this plaything. The real pleasure lies in the real beauty and in trying to attain it.

A Man In The Grave Who Hosted Others

The power of effect is so much in the realm of Barzakh that it cannot even be imagined in this world. Some times we come across, events has been which can guide the people living in this world. One such effective event has been quoted by the late Naraaqi in his book Khazaain: During my youth I was busy, along with my father and other relatives, in visiting people on the occasion of the holidays of Navrooz. It was Tuesday and we had gone to a friend's house which was situated near a graveyard in Isfahaan. We were told that he (my friend) was not present in his house. As we were somewhat tired we turned towards the graveyard with a view to take some rest and also to visit the graves of the faithful. There we sat down in a spot. One of our companions, pointing his finger toward a nearby grave, said jokingly: O resident of the grave! These are holidays. Will you not host us? We heard a voice from that grave: On next Tuesday you will be my guests here. All of us became spell bound and also frightened thinking that perhaps, all of us would be dead by next Tuesday. So we engaged in performing as many good deeds as possible and also began to write our Wills. Then arrived the following Tuesday and yet all of us were safe and alive. We gathered at a place and after consultations decided to go to that grave and see what happen. Perhaps that voice might not have meant our death but might have any other aim behind it.

So when we approached that grave some one from us said: O occupier of this grave! Fulfill your promise. Suddenly we heard a voice from that grave: Welcome. (Here it should be understood sometimes, Lord Almighty removes that veil in front of eyes which prevents us from observing the things belonging to the realm of Barzakh so that people may take lessons of admonition). At once, we saw that it is a very big green garden. Pure water streams are flowing in it. Trees therein are full of various kinds of fruits available in every season. Colourful birds of innumerable kinds are busy singing melodious sweet songs. In the midst of that garden there stood a spacious grand mansion which was fully decorated. All of its windows opened towards the garden. When we entered that building we saw that a very handsome man was sitting there. When he saw us he stood up in respect. Then he put before us various kinds of foods and drinks and sweets the like of which we had never seen before, nor even imagined. We enjoined this feast fully.

More significant statement of him was: We had never seen so much tasteful things before and that our desire was never satiated even after taking it and that the more we ate the desire increased. Then many other kinds of eatables were also brought and we went on enjoying them. Thereafter when we got up that gentleman accompanied us until we got out of that garden.

Reward Of Honest Selling And Of Offering Prayers In Time

Before leaving, my father asked that gentleman: Who are you? For what did the Almighty God grant you so much honor and position that you are able to host even the whole world if you so desire? What is this place of residence?

The gentleman replied: I belong to your native place and was selling meat in such and such street. People asked: How did you get this high position and lofty rank? He said: It is all due to only two things. During my entire time I never gave less to buyers and I also never failed to offer prayer in the first (the earliest) time. If I heard the voice of Adhan while weighting meat I used to leave my shop at once and rush to the Masjid. So the Lord of the worlds granted me this place after my death. Last week you had asked me to host you. At that time I did not have permission to accede to your wish. I have obtained it this week.

Thereafter, one of us asked him about the duration of his age. He told the questioner: You will live for ninety years, and that man is still alive. Then he told me: You will live for so many years according to which there are yet ten to fifteen years to go. All of us said him goodbye. He saw us off. As we turned our face we found us sitting by his grave as before.

* By: Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Abdul Husain Dastghaib.


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