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The Good Deeds Which Reach the Dead after Death

Among the beneficences of good deeds which benefit one in his grave are the good deeds which are being performed in this world under the nayabat (succession) or the reward of such good deeds which is being given to the dead as a gift. The foremost among them is the repayment of his loans (debts) and the performance of the prayers and fasts left out by the dead. Similar to it is the performance of the Haj pilgrimage which the dead could or did not undertake. Thereafter to spend money on poor in the way of God as Sadaqah and to pray and seek the pardoning of the dead. There are many narrations by Ahle Bayt on this subject. (Interested persons may refer to Vasaail-us-Shia, Kitaabut Tahaarat, Abwaab-e-Ehtezaar, Baab 27, and Abwaab-e-Qazaae Salaat Baab 12 wherein there are 26 hadiths. They may also study Baab-e-Hajj-va-Waqf in the same book). The summary of these narrations is that if some one performs good deeds like Namaz, Roza, Hajj and Sadaqah etc for a deceased person, the Lord of the Universe makes its reward reach the dead and also grants a manyfold reward to the performer of such good deeds.

Numerous Gifts As A Reward Of Spending (Sadaqah) For The Dead

Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) says: It also happens that a body is under pressure in grave and then he is given ease and comfort. Angels tell him or her that this is the result of such and such good deed sent to you by your such and such well-wisher in the world. Such rewards are very big in proportion to the good deeds performed for them. Imam Sadiq (a.s.) has been quoted in Vasaail-us-Shia that Almighty God commands seventy thousand angels to proceed towards the grave of that lucky person. Every angel has, in his hand, a plate full of heavenly bounties of paradise. They tell the dead: Be you in peace and safety, O servant of God! O friend of God! This gift has been sent to you by such and such friend. Then his grave becomes brightly lit up and God the merciful granted him one thousand cities and also one thousand houries and a thousand precious robes and fulfils one thousand of his wishes.

Request Of The Dead To The Living

It is mentioned in Jaani-ul-Akhbaar that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said: "Go on sending gifts to your dead". The companions asked: O Messenger of God! What can be a gift for the dead? The Hazrat said: Dua (prayer) and Sadaqah (spending money for poor). Then he added: "Every Friday night, the spirits of the dead come to the first (nearest) sky and, standing in front of their homes, cry out weeping sorrowfully: O my family members! O my children! O my parents and O my near and Dear ones! Be kind to us. God will be kind to you. We have to account here for what wealth and property we had in the world and by which others are being benefited there. Please do us some favour, be it through a dirhams (coin) or bread or a cloth. God will adorn you with heavenly dress"…(Upto end of hadis).

* By: Ayatullah Shaheed Sayyid Abdul Husain Dastghaib.

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