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The Common Ziyarah Of Imam Al-Hadi And Imam Al-Askari

Peace be upon you (both); O the representatives of Allah!

Peace be upon you (both); O the Arguments of Allah (against His created beings)!

Peace be upon you (both); O the Light of Allah in the murk of the earth!

Peace be upon you (both); O the two whom Allah has decided on you!

I have come to you visiting your tombs and recognizing your right,

And incurring the hostility of those who antagonize you and declaring my friendliness to those who adhere to you,

And believing in whatever you believed in and disbelieving in whatever you disbelieved,

And deeming right all that which you deemed right and deeming wrong all that which you deemed wrong.

I thus beseech Allah, my and your Lord, that He may decide that the rewards of my visit to you to be His sending blessings upon Muhammad and his Household

And that He may grant me the favor of accompanying you both in the gardens of Paradise with your righteous fathers,

And I beseech Him that He may save me from Hellfire,

And that He may grant me your intercession and your company,

And that He may introduce me to you

And that He may never take out my love for you and my love for your righteous fathers from my heart

And that He may not make this time the last of my visits to you,

And that He may include me with your group in Paradise, out of His mercy.

O Allah: (please do) grant me love for them, and make me die following their course.

O Allah: (please do) curse and punish those who usurped the right of the Family of Muhammad.

O Allah: (please do) curse the past and the coming generations of those people

And apply to them two folds of torture,

And send them, as well as their fans, their adherents, and the followers, to the deepest area of Hellfire.

Verily, You have power over all things.

O Allah: (please do) hasten the Relief of Your representative and the son of Your representative,

And cause our relief to accompany his relief; O the most Merciful of all those who show mercy.

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