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God's Greeting and Good Tiding for Khadija (S.A)

There are a number of Islamic traditions on the status and dignity of Mother of Believers Hadrat Khadija (S.A). Some of these traditions are mentioned below.

1. The Holy Prophet said: Gabriel came to me and said: O, Messenger of God! This is Khadija, when comes to you, greet her from God and on my behalf: and give her the good tiding of a house made of precious stones in the paradise.”‌

2. In interpreting verse 27 of the Mutaffifin Chapter (83), the Holy Prophet said: the concept “those nearest go God”‌ refers to the Prophet of Allah, Ali bin Abi Talib and the Infallible Imams and Fatima bin Mohammad. From among men, a number of them achieved perfection and from among women, four achieved perfections: Asiya, Holy Mary, Khadija, Fatima.”‌

3. The Commander of the Faithful, Ali (A.S) said: There are four women who are superior in the world, Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Fatima bint Mohammad, Asiya bint Muzahim and Mary bint Imran.

4. The tradition indeed refers to the high status of this dignified lady and hence we should endeavor to understand her virtues and follow her as a role-model.

Khadija, Wife of Prophet in the World and in the Hereafter

The Holy Prophet said: the paradise is waiting for four women: Mary daughter of Imran; Asiya daughter of Muzahim, wife of Pharaoh, Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid, the wife of the Prophet in the world and in the hereafter, Fatima, daughter of Mohammad.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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