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An Invocation For Childbirth

‘Isa b. Dawud narrated from Musa b. al-Qasim from al-Mufaddal b. ‘Umar from Abu al-Zabyan from al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, who said: ‘Write these verses on paper For the pregnant woman when she has entered her month [For delivery]. She will not be afflicted with labour Pains or difficulty at childbirth. Wrap a strip [of paper] lightly around the paper and do not tie it. Write: Have not the unbelievers then beheld that the heavens and the earth were as mass all sewn up, and then We unstitched them and of wate fashioned every living thing? Will they not believe? (21:30).

‘and a sign For them is the night: we strip it of the day and lo, they are in darkness. and the sun-it runs to a fixed resting -place; that is the ordaining of the All -mighty, the All -knowing. and the moon-We have determined it by stations, till it returns like an aged palm -bough. It behooves not the sun to overtake the moon, neither does the night outstrip the day, each swimming in the sky. and a sign For them is that We carried their seed in the laden ship, and We have created Form them the like of it whereon they ride; and if We will, we drown them, then none have they to cry to, neither are they delivered, save as a mercy from Us, and enjoyment For a while (36:37-44). and the Trumpet shall be blown; then behold, they are sliding down from their tombs unto their Lord (36:51).

‘Write on the back of the paper these verses: It shall be as if, on the day they see that they are promised, they had not tarried but For an hour of a single day. A Message to be delivered! and shall any be destroyed but the people of the ungodly? (46:35). It shall be as if, on the day they see it, they have but tarried For an evening, or its Forenoon (79:46).

‘Fasten the paper on her middle and when her child is born do not leave it on For an instant.’

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