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An Invocation For Difficulty in Childbirth

‘Abd al-Wahhab b. Mahdi narrated from Muhammad b. ‘Isa from Ibn Himmam from Muhammad b. Sa’id from Abu Hamza from Abu Ja’far peace be upon him, who said: ‘If a woman experiences difficulty during childbirth, write these verse For her in a vessel cleaned with musk and saffron. Then wash it out with spring water (ma’al-bi’r) and have the woman drink it and sprinkle her belly and genitals. She will give birth at once. Write: I shall be as if, on the day they see it, they have but tarried For an evening, or its Forenoon (79:46). It shall be as if, on the day they see that they are promised, they had not tarried but For an hour of a single day. A Message to be delivered! and shall any be destroyed but the people of the ungodly? (46:35). in their stories is surely a lesson to men possessed of minds: it is not a tale Forged, but a confirmation of what is before it, and a distinguishing of everything, and a guidance, and a mercy to a people who believe(12:111)’

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