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An Invocation and Medication For Pain of the Waist

Hariz b. Ayyub narrated from Abu Samina from Ali b. Asbat from Abu Hamza from Hamran b. Ayan, who said: ‘A man questioned Muhammad b. ‘Ali al-Baqir, peace be upon him, saying: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, I suffer from severe Pain in the waist and have treated it with many remedies, but it has not been cured.” Al-Baqir said: “What about the Invocation of Amir al-Muminin?” The man replied: “and what is that, O son of the Messenger of Allah?” He said: “When you complete your prayers, put your hand on the place of prostration, stroke it, and say: What, did you think that We created you only For sport, and that you would not be returned to Us? Then high exalted be God, the King, the True! There is no god but He, the Lord of the noble Throne. Whosoever calls upon another god with God, whereof he no proof, his reckoning is with his Lord. Surely the unbelievers shall not prosper. and say: My Lord, Forgive and have mercy, For Thou art the best of the merciful (23:115-18).” The man said: “I did that and the Pain subsided, praise be to Allah, the Exalted.”

Muhammad b. Jafar al-Bursi narrated from Muhammad b. Yahya al-Armani from Muhammad b. Sinan from Abu Abd Allah, peace be upon him, who said: ‘The Messenger of Allah, blessings on him and his family, said: “Drink lovage, For it is good For Pain of the waist.”

Also from him from Muhammad b. Yahya from Yunus b. Zabyan from Jabir from Abu Jafar, peace be upon him, who said: ‘Amir al-Muminin, peace be upon him, said: “Whoever wishes that food may not harm him, let him not eat until he is hungry and his abdomen (al-maida) is cleansed. When he eats, let him take the Name of Allah and chew well and let him stop eating while he still has an appetite For it [food] and wants it.”

‘Abd Allah b. Bistam narrated from Muhammad b. Razin from Hammad b. Isa from Hariz from Abu Abd Allah, peace be upon him, from Amir al-Muminin, peace be upon him, who said: ‘Whoever wishes For the eternal life in the next world, and not For permanence in this world, let him wear light clothes, eat early, and have intercourse (al-mujamia) with women less frequently.

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