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Love Prayers

Greetings my dear1 who are so honored
Who are in constant contact with the Image of the Mirror2
You are the stranger in the Town of Heart and there is turmoil
to see you You have a tribe of divine lovers attached to your hair
Do not blame me for entering the shrine in a rush
You are used to my stubbornness for many years now
I continually fly around your shrine
Since you smell and look better than jasmines
You have many white and colored flocks of doves
Flying around you and making sounds
Do you not want a dove as black as the night?
I am dead drunk as long as you are holding the cup
O the pure flowing water - help me since Iam thirsty
I am so thirsty as if I am in a desert. Would you kindly quench
my thirst?
I am eager to be blamed for wickedness
You have many like me along your river
I have sinned and now I hug you
Cleansed you are whom the filthy seek
I wish to attend the weeping behind your back
You are my source of honor since you face the Qibla
(Reza3) come and say two units of law prayers
Now that you have made ablutions with your lover's wine.

* Reza Rezaie

1- Refers to Imam Reza (MGB).
2- Refers to God.
3- Refers to the author of this poem.

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