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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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The Divorced and the Widow

O, Dear Sister...

If you were divorced or a widow... Don’t get affected by the actions and sayings of the insolents surrounding you… as they are:

Either ignorant, or silly, or psychologically ill, or they want to prove their manhood, as they think!!!

As long as you are maintaining your behavior, conduct and respect, don’t surrender to the “emotional embezzlement” from some “jealous” and “courteous” people or co-workers or their bosses… even if it was costly, but surrendering is even more costy... God help you, stand by you and guide you.

And always remember that God Al-Mighty said: Surely they who concocted the lie are a party from among you. Do not regard it an evil to you; nay, it is good for you. Every man of them shall have what he has earned of sin...

When you received it with your tongues and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you deemed it an easy matter while with Allah it was grievous...

Allah admonishes you that you should not return to the like of it ever again if you are believers...

Surely as for those who love that scandal should circulate respecting those who believe, they shall have a grievous chastisement in this world and the hereafter...

Surely those who accuse chaste believing women, unaware of the evil, are cursed in this world and the hereafter, and they shall have a grievous chastisement. On the day when their tongues and their hands and their feet shall bear witness against them as to what they did
﴿. The Light, 11-24

* Book: O, Dear Sister. By Sayyed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra.

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