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A letter to al-Najashy

Amru bin Umayyah al-Dhimry our Master Mohammad's delegate, arrived in Habasha carrying the letter of the Prophet of Islam.

The letter read:
From Mohammad, Allah's Apostle To al-Najashy the King of Habasha

You are safe.

I thank Allah. There is no god but Him, the King, the Holy, the Peace, the Believer; the Almighty.

I bear witness that 'Isa is Allah's Spirit, and His word He has given to Maryam, the Virgin, the good, and the chaste. Allah created him with His power as He created Adam before.

I am inviting you to worship Allah only, to obey Him, to follow me, and to believe in what has come to me. I am Allah's Apostle. I am inviting you and your soldiers to worship Allah, the Almighty. I have told and advised you. So, accept my advice.

And peace upon him who follows guidance.

Ja'far accompanied our Master Mohammad's delegate on his going to al-Najashy's palace. First they greeted the King of Habasha. Then he received the Prophet's letter respectfully. Al-Najashy read the letter. He came down the throne and sat on the ground to show his humbleness and respect for Allah's Apostle, our Master Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household). Al-Najashy put the letter on his eye to show his great respect. Then he ordered his guards to get him an ivory box to put the letter in. He said: Habasha will be prosperous as long as its people keeps this letter.

The Prophet's delegate gave the King another letter. The letter asked the King to allow the immigrants headed by Ja'far bin Abu Talib to come back to their country. The Muslims were very happy to hear about their repatriation to their homeland. In the meantime, they thanked al-Najashy for his good hospitality. Al-Najashy ordered his guards to prepare some ships to bring back the immigrants to the land of al-Hejaz. He sent his representative with them. The representative was carrying gifts and a letter of greetings to our Master Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household). The sails of the ships were raised to start journey, the Muslims set off. They rejoiced at Allah's victory.

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