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In Makkah

Abu Jahal, who had a spite against our Master Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household), was always planning to destroy Allah's religion. He wanted to put out the candle of Islam so that people would live in darkness and ignorance. But Allah's religion spread as the scent of roses did. It made happiness enter hearts as spring did. One day, the Quraishi leaders held a meeting in Darul Nadwa. They were thinking about a way to extinguish the light of Islam. Umayyah said: I'll make Bilal a lesson for slaves so that they'll not think about entering Muhammad's religion.

Abu Jahal said: We'll go on banning Bani Hashim till they die of hunger or they give us Muhammad to kill him. Abu Sufyan said: But what shall we do for those who escape from Makkah and go to Habasha?

Abu Jahal said: We'll bring them back.


We'll send our friend al-Najashy lots of gifts. So, he'll accept our request.

Who will go?

We'll send a clever man to negotiate with al-Najashy. After several weeks, they decided to send a delegation to bring back the runaway persons.

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