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prayers on Imam Ali an-Naqi (as)

O Allah send blessings on Ali bin Muhammad, the successor of the (Prophet's) successors, the Imam of the God-fearing, the vicegerent of the Imams of religion, the decisive argument over all the created beings.

O Allah just as Thou made him a light, to give light to the believers, to give them the glad tidings of Thy recompense,

to warn them about Thy terrible punishment, to put the fear of Thy power in their hearts, to make mention of Thy verses, to prescribe that which Thou has made lawful, to proscribe that which Thou has made unlawful,

to make known Thy laws and that which Thou has made obligatory, to encourage people to worship Thee, obey Thee, and not to transgress the limits laid down by Thee,

so, send blessings on him, much and more blessings than Thou had bestowed on any of Thy representatives, and on the children of Thy Prophets, O the God of the Worlds!

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