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Miracles By Imam Kazim

We are all familiar with the miracles of Prophet Mousa or Moses (pbuh) since the day his mother put him in a basket and set it adrift in the Nile River. But how many of us are aware of the miracles of the "Pride of Moses", that is, Imam Mousa Kazim (pbuh). The 7th Imam used to converse fluently with people of different nationalities in their own native tongues, the Bab al-Hawa"ij (Gateway to Pleas) that he is known by, continues to grant succor to those who knock at the door of his shrine in Kazimayn, Iraq, more than a millennium after his martyrdom.

There is account of a miracle in the book al-Irshad of the well-known scholar Shaykh Mufeed. The Shaykh, whose veracity was a byword in Baghdad of the Abbasid days, narrates on the authority of Ya`qoub Sarraj that once when the latter visited Imam Jafar Sadiq (pbuh), he found him engrossed in playful gestures with a child in the cradle. He knew it was the 6th Imam's newborn son, and waited. Then Imam Sadiq (pbuh) turned towards Sarraj and beckoning him towards the cradle said: "Approach your master (Mawla) and greet him." Sarraj says: I went near him and greeted and he replied to me eloquently. Then he (the infant) told me: "Go and change the name of your (newborn) daughter which you gave her yesterday, for it is a name which God dislikes."

The faithful Sarraj knew at once it was the future Imam, the 7th one. Not only was the infant's speech a miracle but also the name of the daughter which he had not yet divulged to anyone.

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