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Why Can't We See Stars During The Day?

After the sunset the stars become visible in the sky. When the darkness of sky increases, the number of stars and their brightness also increases. As the sun come up to the sky, the number of visible stars decreases. At that time we can see only some bright stars. All the stars vanish as the sun rise.

Let us study why can’t we see stars during the day?

Why can’t we see stars during the day, It is believed by people that as the sun disappear at night, the stars also disappear in the day time. But it is wrong as the stars never disappear.

They only become invisible in day light due to the brightness of the sun rays. In reality, the sun rays are scattered in all directions by the water vapors, gas and dust present in the atmosphere. Because of this, the whole atmosphere starts shining.

The light of stars is very weak as compare to sunlight therefore it cannot make any impact on our eyes. Due to this reason we cannot see stars in day time. Actually this can be proved by observing a burning lamp. Since at night the burning lamp is visible from a long distance but in day light the same lamp is not visible to us even from a short distance. Even if the weak light is able to reach our eyes at night, similarly the stars become visible to us at night. The stars would have been visible in day light if there had been no atmosphere.

* Source: thegeminigeek.com

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