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They Are Just Rumors


As related by the Commander of the Faithful Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS), if one falls sleep in a stronghold, it does not necessarily mean that the enemies are sleeping in their strongholds as well. This shows that one is being negligent and should be awakened. We should be vigilant about the fact that our Cultural Revolution is endangered. Our very national and Islamic culture has been endangered by the enemies. I remember certain reports from the early stages of the Imposed War which told us the enemies had made advances on particular areas, and that they were bombarding certain other areas. These reports were constantly repeated by hezbollahi forces in various revolutionary places.

The Commander of the Armed Forces at that time constantly denied the reports and kept rejecting them as false reports. He said:" Who says Iraq is attacking us?"

A rumor had then been spread among people which said the city of Ein Khosh had been occupied. That commander took part in a TV interview afterwards, during which he said: "They say Ein Khosh has been occupied, yet I'm holding an interview in the city!" The city was later occupied by the enemies some 3 or 4 hours after he had left! The enemies were in fact positioned outside the city, but that did not mean that they were not present.

* Related by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his meeting with members of the High Council of Cultural Revolution on December 11, 1991

* Source: http://english.khamenei.ir

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