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11 Tips for Reading The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Were You Not Impressed by What These Children Did?


Every time I talked to Imam Khomeini (RA) about the sacrifices that our people made, he got excited and deeply impressed. Once Imam Khomeini (RA) was in hospital, and the television was broadcasting a program which showed the site of Tehran's Friday prayers. A lot of young children had donated their piggy-bank savings to the Sacred War, and there was a big pile of money. Imam (RA) was really impressed to see that scene on TV. I was in his company then. Imam (RA) turned to me and said: "Were you not impressed by what these children did?" At that moment, I noticed his eyes were full of tears. He was crying.

* Related by the Supreme Leader on June 8, 1989 in a ceremony in which the chairmen and members of the Islamic Revolution Committee renewed their allegiance to the Leader

* Source: http://english.khamenei.ir

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