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Obligatory Caution

Q: What is the mukallaf‘s duty in relation to those matters to which you have attributed obligatory caution? Assuming another marji‘ has, in fact, issued an explicit fatwa on the aforementioned matter, is one allowed to abide by the latter‘s fatwa (assuming the mukallaf is willing)? If it is permissible, ought one to follow the most learned marji‘ next in line? And if so, how must one determine such a marji‘?

A: Referring to a mujtahid who hasn’t decreed obligatory caution upon a given matter is unproblematic. Caution dictates that one ought to observe the most learned mujtahid among those with a clear-cut fatwa on this issue; such a duty (i.e. determining the mentioned mujtahid) lies upon the mukallaf him/herself.

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