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The Criterion in Differentiation between Opinion of a Marji and That of his Attorneys

Q: In Shi‘ah circles some problems emerges every now and then concerning the declarations of some attorneys of the Islamic jurists and marji‘s in which sometime it is difficult — especially for the common people — to differentiate between the personal views of the attorneys and the advices and guidelines of the marji‘ which are considered as binding shar‘i evidence for his followers.

What is the criterion in differentiating between the attorney’s personal view in the political and social issues and the advices and declarations of the marji‘ who appointed him?

A: The criterion is that the declarations and guidelines issued by the attorneys should be compatible in the religious, political and social perspective with the marji‘ who appointed them and be in conformity with the views the same marji‘ expressed as fatwas or declared in his public speeches. On the other hand, any declaration by the attorney, which is not in agreement with the above-mentioned, is to be considered as their personal opinion and it is they who are responsible for it.


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