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Backbiting and its Limit

Q: Please tell us the ruling on backbiting in the following cases:

1- Two persons discussing a known matter relating to a third person.
2- Two persons discussing good qualities of a third person.
3- Parents’ criticizing somebody’s behavior in front of their children to raise them with good manners.

A: Generally speaking, if a real matter relating to a believer person is discussed in their absence so that they would be angry if they heard about it and is actually mentioned for humiliating them or considered in the common view as humiliation, it is backbiting and impermissible. That both parties know it, it is done in order to raise the children with good behaviors or the like does not justify backbiting. However, the ruling of backbiting does not apply to talking about good qualifies of somebody. There is no objection to giving information [about somebody] in consultation either.

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