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The Imam's (a.s.) News about the Unseen

People observed from lmam Hadi (a.s.) due to his connection with God and the unseen world, works which were considered to be the specimen of God's might and power.

One of the friends of Imam (a.s.) traveled from Iraq to Madina and had the honor to visit Imam (a.s.). Imam (a.s.) enquired from him the condition of Al-Wasiq the Abbasade caliph and he replied, "when I left Iraq he was fit and fine, and Mutawakkil was in prison and Ibn-e-Zayyat had become famous and well known among the people.

Imam (a.s.) after a moment's silence said, "That which is God's will, shall take place, and there is no way to stop his orders and commands. Oh my friend be aware that Wasiq has passed away and Mutawakkil has succeeded him and Ibn-e-Ziyyat has been slain upon the behest of Mutawakkil."

I asked, "When was it?"

He said, "Six days after you moved out of Baghdad."

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