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Martyrdom in the Words of the Supreme Leader

Martyrdom in the Words of the Supreme Leader

Martyrs are sparkling stars. Every martyr can light up a world.

The great lesson of the dear martyrs which [we] should not disregard for a single instant is to offer the soul and everything which is dear to us in the confrontation of the oppression of the power of Arrogance and the oppression which is now befalling the world.

Martyrdom is one of the concepts which only has a meaning in divine religions, even though in all nations and homelands it is said [that] the one who is killed for the sake of national aims [is] a martyr.

A martyr means a person who is killed for the sake of spiritual aims and [who] sacrifices his soul – which is the genuine essence of every human- for the divine aim and purpose. Allah the Exalted responds to this selflessness and great sacrifice by making that person and his ideology always present in his nation, and his sublime aim remains alive. This is the attribute of being killed in the Way of Allah. Individuals who are killed in His Way come to life. Their bodies aren’t alive but their true entity remains alive.

Martyrdom for [any] person is a form of distinction. Truly, if Allah responds to a person's supplication and makes his death [by] Martyrdom , the He will have granted him the greatest honor and distinction.

Why does Martyrdom have such a degree of greatness and importance?

The reason is because a person who offers his soul in the Way of Allah has actually done the necessary action in the moment of need.

Every nation should strengthen itself and find the true power. This can't be [achieved] without belief and action, even if it comes to jihad and Martyrdom .

We should continue [in] the path of martyrs which is the path of religion.

The concept of Martyrdom is a vibrant concept which stirs hope in souls.

The message of martyrs to the Islamic Nation is not being afraid of the enemy and relying upon the Exalted Creator in all life's affairs.

The moment of Martyrdom is one of the most pleasant and sweetest moments for every martyr.

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