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Questions to Ask before Getting Married

Questions to Ask before Getting Married

It usually does not occur that a male or female who are embarking upon marriage fully get to know the other person's personality before tying the knot. Thus, it is important to ask a few questions which give an insight into the other person's ideology, character, hopes, and aspirations.

1-What is your concept of marriage?
2-Have you ever been married before?
3-What are your goals in life, and what is the number one aim which you are aspiring to achieve?
4-Do you believe that your spouse will be your partner in achieving what you intend?
5-What do you want your future to be like?
6-Are you religious?
7-Do you pray on time and have a strong bond with the Holy Quran?
8- Do you believe spirituality is essential in your life?
9-Will you help your spouse be a spiritual person?
10-How is your relationship with your family? (Ask especially about the relationship with the mother because Allah has placed great emphasis upon being kind and gracious toward parents, especially the mother)
11-Do you preserve family ties with all your relatives?
12- How do you want the relationship of your spouse with your family to be?
13-What is your current level of education?
14-Do you intend to continue your higher education?
15- Do you like to read?
16- What are the titles of some books you have read?
17-Who are your friends?
18-Are they religious?
19-Do you have friends of the opposite sex?
20-How do you expect your relationship between your spouse and friends to be (if any connection at all)?
21-How do you spend your spare time?
22-Do you like to travel? If yes, where?
23-How many children would you like to have after marriage?
24-Do you find yourself to be tender and loving toward children?
25-How do you intend to educate your children, spiritually and academically?
26-What do you think is the best way for parents to raise and discipline their children?
27-Do you work at the current time?
28-What is your work, and do you intend to remain in your job or to seek other alternatives?
29-What do you think about working women?
30-Do you spend a lot of money or are you thrifty?
31-Do you have a temper?
32-What do you do when you get angry?
33-Do you display your anger in a way which negatively affects those around you?
34-Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
35-Do you think that your wife\husband will have a role in your progress in life in different aspects?

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