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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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3: Abbas in the Revolutionary Guards

My father wished to enter through the door which [provided me with comfort and reassurance]. He said: "He is one of the ideal men of the Revolutionary Guards. Everyone whom we asked had no other [answer] than [the one] I mentioned."
He was silent for a short while and then added: "All in all, he is the example you want."
I told him: "I feel comfortable toward such youths, but not for the purpose of marriage."
If I had known Abbas from the beginning, I would probably have said yes from the first instant.
A while after his martyrdom, his friends related memories [they had] of him and I understood that that they had occurred at the beginning of the war in Kurdistan. How many headstrong individuals did he save from the ranks of the enemies of the revolution! As for ethics, he was a person full of devoutness and piety.
In the second time, Abbas was with his mother when she came to our home. They stood in front of the door. My mother came to me and asked me: "What should we do?"
I said to her: "Nothing! Tell them to go back."
She said: "My daughter, this is bad behavior. Do you want to humiliate us like this at the [front] door and in front of the neighbors?"
I submitted to the matter, but I said seriously and insistently: "His mother may enter, but not him."
My mother seized what she considered to be a chance and hurried to the door. There was a grocer close to our home, [and] afterwards Abbas said to me: "In that day, the grocer was sitting in front of his shop, and when I retreated from the door he was looking at me in such a manner that I felt very embarrassed then. I was saying to myself: 'Patience, later I will [call you] to account.' "

At that time, I was really like that and I didn't consider it to be shameful at all! Even when I agreed in the second meeting for Abbas and his father to come, I was saying to myself: "As long as I won't agree, then let them feel comfortable."
They came at night and brought a box of sweets with them. I entered the room so as not to make my father angry and I sat with them a while (my purpose was the one I mentioned).
In those minutes, my father stood and offered sweets to the guests. When he reached Abbas, [Abbas] refrained from taking any [sweets]. My father insisted upon him more than once but when he found that Abbas wasn't complying he asked him: "Do you like flattery?"
Abbas answered with full confidence and affection: "Not at all. I don't flatter and this is my home!"
I said to myself: "Good, he hasn't entered the house yet and it has become his home!"
That night, Abbas's view of me was different from my view of him. It was obvious that he was relaxed and assured. As for me, I didn't [even] feel any comfort and that is why I hastily exited the room.

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