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57. A Supplication and Magnification by him (upon him be peace)

1- Praise belongs to God, who
disclosed Himself to hearts through mightiness,
veiled Himself from eyes through might,
and exercises power over the things through power!

2- Eyes are not firm enough to see Him
and imaginations reach not the core of His mightiness.

3- He displays His overwhelming power in mightiness and magnificence,
robes Himself in might, goodness, and majesty,
is far removed from imperfection through comeliness and beauty,
assumes His glory in pride and splendour,
puts on His majesty through glory and boons,
and has chosen for Himself light and radiance.

4- He is a Creator who has no equal,
a Unique who has no rival,
a One who has no opposite,
an Eternal Refuge who has no match,
a God who has no second,
an Initiator who has no partner,
a Provider who has no helper.

5- He is the First without disappearance,
the Everlasting without annihilation,
the Standing without difficulty,
the Security-giver without end,
the Originator without term,
the Maker without anything,
the Lord without partner,
the Initiator without discomfort,
the Accomplisher without incapacity.

6- He has no bound in space
and no limit in time;
He ever was,
He ever is,
He ever will be the same,
He is God,
the Living, the Self-subsistent,
the Everlasting, the Eternal,
the All-powerful, the All-wise.

7- My God,
Thy little slave is in Thy courtyard,
Thy beggar is in Thy courtyard,
Thy poor one is in Thy courtyard!

8- My God,
before Thee tremble the pious tremblers,
to Thee devote themselves the lamenters,
in fear of Thee,
in hope of Thee!

9- O God of Truth,
have mercy upon the supplication
of those who cry for help!
Pardon the sins
of the heedless!
And increase beneficence
toward those who keep turning [to Thee]
on the Day they arrive before Thee,
O Generous God!

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