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59. His Supplication in Calling down Blessings upon Adam

1- O God,
as for Adam,
the marvel of Thy creation,
the first made of clay to confess Thy Lordship,
the beginning of Thy argument
against Thy servants and creatures,
the guide to seeking sanctuary in Thy sardon
from Thy punishment,
the opener of the paths of repentance toward Thee,
the giver of the creatures access to knowledge of Thee,

2- the one concerning whom Thou hast conveyed Thy good pleasure
through Thy kindness and Thy mercy toward him,

3- the one who turned back and did not persist in disobeying Thee,
the forerunner
among the self-abasers,
who shaved his head in Thy sacred precinct,
and among the seekers of access to Thy pardon,
through obedience after disobedience,
and the father of the prophets,
who were made to suffer for Thy sake
and who strove more than all the earth's inhabitants
in obeying Thee -

4- bless him, Thou - O All-merciful -
Thy angels
and the inhabitants of Thy heavens
and Thy earth,
just as he magnified Thy inviolable commands
and guided us upon the path of Thy good pleasure,
O Most Merciful of the merciful!

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