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60. His Supplication in Distress and Seeking Release

1- My God,
let not my enemy gloat over me
and torment not my dear kinsman or friend through me!

2- My God,
of Thy glances, give me one glance, and thereby
remove from me
that by which Thou hast afflicted me
and return me to
the best of Thy customs with me!
Respond to my supplication
and the supplication of him who devotes his supplication
sincerely to Thee,
for my power has become frail,
my stratagems few,
my situation severe,
and I despair of what is with Thy creatures,
so nothing remains for me but hope in Thee!

3- My God,
surely Thy power to remove
that in which I dwell
is like Thy power in
that with which Thou hast afflicted me!
And surely the remembrance of Thy acts of kindliness
comforts me
and hope in Thy showing favour and Thy bounty
strengthens me,
for I have not been without Thy favour
ever since Thou created me.

4- And Thou, my God, art
my place of flight,
my asylum,
my protector,
my defender,

5- the loving toward me,
the compassionate,
and the guarantor of my provision.
In Thy decree lay what has settled upon me
and in Thy knowledge that to which I have come home.

6- So, my Patron and Master,
place within that which Thou hast
and made unavoidable for me,
my well-being
and that wherein lies
my soundness
and my deliverance from that in which I am!

7- I hope for none to repel this other than Thee,
and I rely in it only upon Thee.

8- O Possessor of majesty and munificence,
be with my best opinion of Thee!281

9- Have mercy upon my frailty and the paucity of my stratagems,
remove my distress,
grant my supplication,
ease me from my stumble,
and show kindness to me in that
and to everyone who supplicates Thee!
My Master, Thou hast commanded me to supplicate
and undertaken to respond,282
and Thy promise is the truth
in which there is no failing,
nor any change.283

10- So bless Muhammad, Thy prophet and servant,
and the pure, the Folk of his House,
and help me,
surely Thou art
the help of him who has no help
and the stronghold of him who has no stronghold,
while I am the distressed
the response to whom and the removal of evil from whom
Thou hast made obligatory!284

11- So respond to me,
remove my concern,
relieve my gloom,
return my state to the best it has been,
and repay me not according to what I deserve,
but according to Thy mercy
which embracest all things,285
O Possessor of majesty and munificence!
Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,
hear, and respond,
O All-mighty!

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