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The 137th Edition- Twelfth Year- Rabi I, 1431 A.H.

 In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Prophet Mohammad's Personality Is the Axis of the Islamic Unity

The outstanding personality of the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) is the main axis that comes around it the Muslims' emotions and beliefs. And it is rarely to find an Islamic vocabulary or an Islamic fact that is a resource of agreement between all Muslims, and is able to attract them and their emotions as the case for the prophet's personality.
I say seriously, the Islamic communities should unite its word and go on in one direction.

The union between the Islamic peoples doesn’t eliminate the difference between the existing and the differences of morals and traditions in the Islamic communities, as it doesn’t eliminate the differences in the jurisprudence. The meaning of "unity between Muslim nations" is to take a common position with regard to happenings and issues of the Islamic world. Also to cooperate with each other, and not to waste their wealth through strives and internal conflicts. From this perspective we can consider the prophet's personality is main axis for unity. Therefore, Muslims, especially intellectuals should come around the character and the teachings of this great symbol and show love and loyalty to him.
Imam Khamenae (May God keep him).

The Content of the Succession of Divine

Allah says, I am going to place in the earth a khalif﴿.

This great content, the content of Qur'anic succession, is of the greatest content of missions. Through it the human in front of Allah turns to hold the responsibility of all legitimate and just issues ,beginning with the protection of the issue of human will that Allah granted to him to decide his fate today and in the hereafter. Throughout history, we find people who wanted to prevail on earth and steal others will in contrary to the Islamic religion that wants to save the grant of God whom you see him in Jihad he made limits that end at the boarders of this case. The Muslim holds his weapon for the sake of Allah and fights the tyrants , oppressors and stealers of people's will and then he says: you, through option decide your fate, and actually who adhere to Islam the relation is organized with him on the basis of Islam and who remains Christian or… the relation is organized with him on the basis of Imam Ali's saying, " for you, either a brother in religion or a brother in creation."
Sayyid Abass Almoussawi.

Al Imam Hasan Askari (A.s)

Al Imam Hasan Askari (A.s) was known in several surnames, including:

Virtuous: because of his worship and piety
Guider: he was a guide for people since his childhood.
Special: because f the specialties, dignities and God response that Allah offered him.
lamp: he (A.S) was a moral light, his oil is being close to Allah

And from the light of this lamp is his will to his followers:

"I recommend you to obey God, and be pious in your religion, and to let the diligence be for God. Be honest in your speeches, trustworthy in performing the consignment for the one who trusted you whether he was pious or dissolute, prolong your prostration while praying, and deal with others with the best behavior, because if the man was pious in his religion, and be sincere in his speeches, and performed the consignment, and treated the people in a good way, then people will say that he is a Shiite, and this will let me be proud of him. Hence, fear God, and be as adornment on behalf of us and be not as shame that defames our name.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and the Establishment of Al-Jihad Community.

The faithful of commander (A.S) described the prophet that,"…never travel unless he is well prepared to his face his enemy." And he (peace be upon him and his household) founded a Jihad community , his steps are:

Al-Jihad Allegiance: In that allegiance, the prophet Mohammad put the foundation stone to build a fighting force assigned to protect religion in front of a great price the tribes requested when they said, "Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) what will we gain during allegiance?" he(peace be upon him and his household) replied, "paradise, then all of them pledged him".

Arming and training: the prophet had to oversees the training by himself , calling among the trainees, ﴾and prepare against them what force you can.﴿ , "power is in firing, power is in firing, power is in firing…". Also (peace be upon him and his household) had to encourage people on equestrian saying, "Allah in one arrow will enter three people to paradise: the one who fabricated it for welfare, the proposal and who used the dart".

Supporting the strugglers: Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) concerned about supporting the strugglers, saying, ""who helped a fighter (mujahed) in the sake of Allah, God shaded him in a day there is no shade except his shade". Also he shed the light on the reward he will get from the impact of holy war (jihad) saying, "Which got dust on his feet in the sake of Allah, God prohibited him from hell".

The Redolence of the Guardianship

Imam Alsadek endured the responsibility to continue the march in difficult and complex circumstances.

Rouh Allah's calling

The work of the teacher is the work of the prophets, then the work of the prophet Mohammad.

You Are In the Sacred Valley

At the edge of Al- Hojair valley, on Friday morning, Hassan went in a short nap; it is a fighter break with the sun sunrise. He walked among the trees and rocks, leant in the bowls of the earth , reading Sayyida Zeinab's visit then prayed two prostrations for the visit and ended with a glorify that turned into a light between the earth and the sky.

Haj Ali focused on the sparkle of his eyes , trying to explore the cause of grief and calmness on his face, asking him?

Where did you reach?

I saw as a person, who is sleeping sees in his dream, I saw sayyida Zienab (A.S) came here to the valley to visit us.

That's perfect, peace be upon our sayyida Zeinab.

She said only one sentence:" hope you were with my brother Hussien in Karbala"

Didn’t you tell her about our thirst in this valley?

I felt afraid to hurt her noble heart, didn’t you know that Zeinab didn’t feel tired of the march to and didn’t feel the pain of the whip…but the voice of Hussien saying: am thirsty, made her sad.

Oh Hussien done for your sake.

Relative calmness… after it the confrontations renewed with Israel, vindictiveness impressed in himself..

And when Hassan threw the last shot before his martyrdom, he called: revenge for Zeinab (A.S).


Rabieh I, 1: migration of the Prophet and his family to Yathrib and housing the Imam Ali (A.S) in his bed.
Rabieh I, 8: Certificate of Imam Hassan Askari (A.S) 260 A.H
Rabieh I, 10: Marriage of the Prophet to Sayedah Khadija (A.S) 25 BC A.H.
Rabieh I, 15: Building the Quba Mosque (the first mosque in Islam) 1 A.H
Rabieh I, 17: The birth of the Prophet 53. A.H.
The birth of Imam Jaafar Al-Sadeq (A.S) 83 A.H.End of the week of Islamic unity, which began on Rabiah I 12.
March 9: Teacher's Day
March 20: The process of martyrdom on Munif Ashmar in 1996.
March 21: Mother's Day
April 1: An Islamic Republic is established in Iran in 1979.
April 7: World Health's Day.

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