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The 133rd Edition- Twelfth Year- Dhul al-Qada, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficial, the Merciful

The Stretching of the Earth

The twenty-fifth of dul-qeda month is the day of the earth stretch.

The Kaaba is in a very honorable position, and its location (the place where the earth stretch occurred) is the holiest place in the world, as stated in the hadith, "God has chosen one thing from everything, and selected from Mecca the mosque and has chosen from the mosque the position of the Kaaba."

So for the kaaba there is a special feature, it is the old house that no one of people owns, it is built on four pillars that reflect the four words upon which Islam is built on, "praise God, thank God, no God but God and God is great."

From here was the great reward for looking to the Kaaba, narrated about the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household), "looking at the Kaaba, destroys the sins demolition."

Also about Al-Imam Al-Baker (A.S..),"who looked at the Kaaba knowing its value, God forgives his sins and takes away what sprouts him."

Also for touring around the kaaba there is the great divine tender, it was reported about the prophet's family that Allah boasts with those who tour around the Kaaba and inflicts sixty mercy on them everday,give them an alms with every step, delete a sin with every step and raise them a degree with every step.

It was narrated about Al-Imam Al-Baker (A.S..): "If you toured around for a whole week, you will have upon God a covenant and reputations that make Allah feel embarrassed of agonizing you after it."

Also it was mentioned in the Hadith: "If you toured around the Kaaba five times he will be out of his sins as the day of his birth."

The Guardianship's Covenant

The Guardianship's Covenant from a Threat to an Opportunity

The issue of Al-imam Al-Rida (guardianship's covenant ) formed a basis stop in his noble life, it was taken up by Al-imam Khamenei through analysis to reach the following conclusion: " the arrow that Al-Maamoun wanted to throw toward the status, proposals and the position of Al-imam Al-Rida hit Al-Maamoun.

Prevented the Contact with People

Through the guardianship's covenant, Al-Maamoun's most important objective was to separate Al-imam Al-Rida from his popular foundation, so he planed to do so even in the selection of the road that Al-imam had chosen to cross from the city to Kharasan. And about the method to frustrate Al-imam's (A.S.) aim, he turned it against him. He says," to face that step, Al-imam benefited from every chance that enabled him to communicate with people, Although Al-Maamoun set the rout that Al-imam will cross, from the city in a way that he won't pass by the cities that are known by their love and loyalty to the prophet's family. But Al-imam benefited from every opportunity to find love and association between him and the town's people."

The Blockade of being Shiite

Al-imam Al-Khamenei adds saying," the benefit of Al-Imam Al-Rida to the guardianship's covenant was most important…he was able to advance an unparalleled movement in the history of imams by showing the Shiite leadership at a high level in the world of Islam and rending the thick pious veil at that time… he proposed loudly to reach all people, so he benefited from that opportunity and that implement.

In contrast to what Al-Maamoun was waiting …Al-imam wasn't ejected by the accuse of the adherence to life and the love of wealth and position, and his bright star didn’t disappear but on the contrary the respect and appreciation of his moral hierarchy increased to a degree of opening the door to atheist and poets after dozens of years to mention the grace and the status of his infallible and oppressed fathers.

Al-imam Al-Khamenei deduced saying, a summary to what we want to say that: Al-Maamoun in that conflict got nothing, whereas he lost several gains and was on the road of losing what was left.

The Martyr's Day

Our society becomes a society of alive martyrs, when most of his members enjoy the spirit of the martyrs. Every community was able to reach this spirit will be higher than the eagle and firmer than the mountains. It will be a society for Allah, and Allah doesn’t give such a society only pride, strength, steadfastness and victory ﴾and to Allah belongs the might and to his apostle and to the believers﴿ and this is what the novels emphasized and the experience supported and imam Khomeini pointed to: the people wish the martyrdom that all prophets wanted and god's guardians wished. A great responsibility is kept on us towards the sacrifices and the blood of the martyrs beginning with what was mentioned by the master of martyrs Al-Sayyid Abass Al-Moussawi through showing the features of Jihad in Islam, striping the convictions that colonialism planted in the minds of people and introducing all the wealth and possibilities to face the enemy. All the conspiracies that are hatched against the Islamic nation, ends at the achievements of the resistance that have rocked Israel. And made the people inside Palestine feel those who are moving in Lebanon with a simple weapon are powerful by their faith and they can be like them. In fact, the doctrine of Islam brought us heroic martyrs, our lawfulness responsibility is to protect their steps because they are the balance of the nation and the cause of its victory.

The Guardianship's Rulings

Some of Al-Imam Al-Jawad's Rules

"The delay of repentance is complacency, and the longevity of procrastination is puzzled, morbidity on Allah is fatalism and insists on sins is a secure to God's deception and no one secure god's deception except the losers people."

"The believer needs three characteristics: reconciliation from God, a preacher of himself and the acceptance to who advice him."

"Who obeyed his desires gave his enemy what he wanted."

Redolence of Leadership

"The funds of the state and even if it is non-Muslim, legally it is a property for the state and dealt with it as the owner of the estate is known and using it may stops unless he takes the permission of the director who has in his hands the dispose of these funds."
Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (may God keep him)

Rouh Allah's Call

"No one can face the people whose women and men are ready to sacrifice their souls insisting on martyrdom."
Al-Imam Khomeini (may God keep him)

A Story and a Lesson

A Secret Charity

I re-read the last the sentence of the will of the martyr "Hadi" ,which I cant understand its meaning until today..

I had to sit for long periods trying to solve that little puzzle, " there was left in the land of "Amel" " the south land" a charity that one day will ripen." A year and a half passed on his martyrdom –at noon- I heard a great explosion in an Israeli squad crossing "Al-Taybe" valley and led to the kill of two Zionist.

I went back in my memory…

That period Hadi and I had to sit along the river alone under the shade of the intertwined branches.

One day he told me that he has to perform a particular task alone, although there was an implicit agreement between us that we perform tasks together.

- Is everything alright?
- Yes, I was left in the land of " Amel" " the south land" a charity that one day will ripen.
- You didn’t give an answer to your task.
- I will not say my secret now, when you hear about an event in that spot (pointing to Altaybe valley) you will know the nature of the task by yourself.

A few days after and he died ,and the moments were a moments of passion and love to him leaving me words of secrets ,keeping to my self a puzzle that I didn’t disassemble its symbols only after a long time.

Well, what is the secret of not exploding the bomb only after a year and a half..!!

Occasions of Zull-Qeada Month

First of zull-qeada: is the birth of Fatima, imam’salialrida sister 179 A.H.
Eighth of zull-qeada: the imposition of pilgrimage 8 A.H.
Eleventh of zull-qeada: the birth of Al-imam alialrida 148 A.H.
Twenty-one of zull-qeada: the battle of (banokorayza) 5A.H.
Twenty-five of zull-qeada: the day of the earth’s stretching
Twenty-nine of zull-qeada: the martyrdom of Al-imam Aljawad 220 A.H.
November 2: the famous balfour declaration 1917
November 7: Britain occupied palestine 1917
November 11: hizbullah martyr’s day, the process of martyrdom of Ahmad kassir 1982
November 17: world youth day
November 22: Lebanese Independence Day 1943


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