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The 131st Edition- Twelfth Year- Ramadan, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Allah’s Month

Ramadan month is God’s month, in which the doors of mercy and heavens are opened and the doors of hell and fire are closed. So welcome this month and pay attention to yourself and look well how to spend its nights and days and how to protect your organs and soul.

It is narrated about Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.): "the prophet (peace be upon him and his household and his household) said to Jabber the son of Abdullah: oh Jabber this is Ramadan month, who fasts its day and waked up at night (to supplicate) and saved his stomach and appetites of forbidden things, and controlled his tongue; then he will be out of his sins as being out of the month." Jabber said: oh messenger of God, your words are nice. The prophet said: "and how hard are its conditions."

So prepare yourself to be one of the winners or otherwise you will miss it and become one of the losers, who are afflicted with the sigh of remorse and you will be one of those who say: "I feel sorry for what I have done, I waste being near Allah and I am from the losers."

In this month you are invited to Allah’s hospitality and the prophet (peace be upon him and his household and his household) asked about you, and promised you for your loyalty to offer you grants which your eyes have never seen, and your ears have never heard about and no a human thought about before. So raise your hands and supplicate with others: "My lord, my sins have blackened my face, I swear by the prophet’s family faces to accept and help me. My God, Ramadan month is the house of your hospitality, and you have hated the one who welcome people in his house not to deal with them well, so if you didn’t welcome me I will be far of your protection and gone to the loss, thus my God help me to work in it as you like and accept."

The program of Fasting in a Speech for Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household and his household)

The prophet (peace be upon him and his household and his houseold) in his speech for welcoming Ramadan month, talked about a practical program for the guest of God in order to fit this divine hospitality. This program has included tips and guidelines that affect both sides: the individual and the social. Individually they are established for self-education and proximity to God, and make Ramadan month a fruitful chance that shouldn’t be lost to make the human completely divine. Whereas socially, these guidelines adopt social interdependent community that is compacted as great building to carry Islam and the divine values… However, the most important guidelines that were mentioned in the prophet’s speech are:

1- Giving charity to poor and needy: the prophet (peace be upon him and his household and his household) says: "Offer charity to your poor and needy people."
2- The ties of kinship: the prophet says: "Who kept in touch with his kinship in Ramadan, Allah will link him by his mercy when he meet him."
3- Respecting adults: he (peace be upon him and his household and his household) says: "Respect your adults."
4- Be merciful upon your children: the prophet says: "Be merciful upon your children."
5- Honoring the orphan: the prophet says: "Who honored in Ramadan an orphan, Allah will honor him when he meets him."
6- Breaking the fast of a fasting person: he (peace be upon him and his household and his household) says: "whoever breaks a fast for a fasting person he will have… freeing a slave and forgiveness for his past sins."
7- Improving morals: he says: "Who improved his morals in this month, he will be able to pass on the path (sirat) when the others deviate from the virtuous way".

Words said by the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his household) about Al-Imam Ali (A.S.)

Great words were successively said about Al-Imam Ali by the prophet shedding the light on the sides of Al-Imam’s personality that includes:

His status upon the prophet Mohammad:

Narrated about the prophet (peace be upon him and his household):

- People are created of several trees, and Ali and I are created from one tree, I am the origin and Ali is its branch.
- Oh people, love Ali, his flesh is my flesh and his blood is my blood.
- Ali is from me as myself, obeying him is my obedience and disobeying him as if you are disobeying me.
- My brother, my dear friend, my minister and the successor after me…..is Ali the son of Abi Talib.

The Social Status upon the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household)

- The right of Ali on this nation is as the right of the father on his child.

- During the night of my capture, I finished upon "sedrat almontaha", and then God revealed to me three things about Ali: he is the Imam of pious and the master of Muslims, and the commander of gluten to heavens.

The Moral Perfection upon the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household)

- Who wants to look to Adam in his knowledge, and to Noah in his understanding, and to Ibrahim in his patience, and to Yehya the son of Zakareya in his asceticism, and to Moses the son of Omran in his wrath… let him look to Ali the son of Abi Talib.

- Ali is the best among you, and he knows in religion more than you, and about my norms he is the most endowed, and he reads Allah’s book more than you. My god I love Ali, so love him; my God I love Ali so love him.

The Hereafter Status upon the Prophet (peace be upon him and his household)

- If it is the resurrection day, flags will be raised to this nation, the first flags are my great banner with Ali (A.S.) and all people are under his banner: a voice calls out, this is the grace Ali the son of Abi Talib.

-Ali (A.S.) is my guardian on the basins during resurrection, and the owner of my banner and my helper in the resurrection in opening Allah’s doors.

Rouh Allah's Call

"Jerusalem day is a day of Islam, the day of Islam’s life, the day of the privilege of the right over the wrong, the day of the privilege of faithful over arrogant and the day of facing conceited by powerless.
Imam Khomeini (my his secret be sacred)

The Redolence of Guardianship

"Al-Imam Ali (A.S.) spent his life in worshipping and working to God, from the first moment shone the divine light of guidance in the presence of Al-Imam Ali by the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) and until that moment which he met God in, Al-Imam didn’t ignore a moment of worshiping, remembering God and being linked to him. About his relationship with God, he was in a permanent link during joy and sorrow, day and night, in mosque and in war, in governance and in judiciary"…
Imam Khamenei (May God keep him)

From Al-Jihad Memory

Waiting for dawn

That daily journey to the high peeks in "Safi" mountain, the mount of resistance. Mortada wouldn’t leave to others the share of it, it is the task of delivering food to the strugglers "mujahedin" on the gaps in the nights of Ramadan. He walked alone looking around, he must beware of the Merkava tank that was equipped with heat detector, which is located in front that mountain guarding the positions of the enemy and their helpers. It had to kill with all ferocity any moving object. The rays of the sunset penetrated from the treetops and became as a dripping blood…. he reached to the emplacement guard. Handed the brothers, gave him the food and before returning back "Sadek" called him saying:

- Inseparable, minutes and the sunset, stay to eat with us.
- According to the given instructions, I have to return immediately.
- Take this sack; it is good for you when it is time to break your fast.

He gave him 2 dates and a bottle of water.

He walked few meters from the emplacement to find the tank positioned in front of him had diverted and landed face to face. He jumped to a corner between the rocks and the trees, and immediately began to pray in that place that was connected by God. Hours had passed and the only friend was his warm voice reciting supplications for Ramadan month and his call for prayer replaced the drum sound for breaking the fast, the "shour" drum was the sounds of missiles pouring down on the mountain, which he had seen that night in a new form.

He saw patience and endurance, commitment to mandate so as not to reveal for the enemies the point of presence of the strugglers. There, the self was screened and tested for the tiredness and the cruet life in that gaps, it's not a picnic… It’s the path of fork that once he didn’t fear. Through the device he told his brothers, "I come back at dawn." And then ate the two dates and drank water.

The Occasions of Ramadan Month

- Seventh of Ramadan: the death of the prophet’s uncle Abi Talib 2 A.H.
- Tenth of Ramadan: the death of Khadija 2 A.H.
- Fifteenth of Ramadan: the birth of Al-Imam Al-Hasan 3 A.H.
- Seventeenth of Ramadan: the battle of "The Battle of Bader" 2 A.H.
- Eighteenth of Ramadan: the first night of power.
- Nineteenth of Ramadan: Al-Imam Ali was wounded 40 A.H.
- Retreat in the last ten days of Ramadan
- Twenty of Ramadan: conquest of Mecca 8 A.H.
- "alisraa and the meeraj" 11 A.H.
- The second night of power.
- Twenty-one of Ramadan: the martyrdom of Imam-Ali (A.S.) 40 A.H.
- Twenty-two of Ramadan: the biggest night of power
- Twenty-eighth of Ramadan: the international day of Jerusalem.
- Thirty –one of august: the absence of Imam Moussa Al-Sader and his companions 1978 A.D.
- First of September: the outbreak of world war two 1939 A.D.
- Thirteen of September: Oslo agreement 1993 A.D.
- Fourteen of September: the occupation of Beirut by the Zionist 1982 A.D.
- Seventeen of September: the massacres of "Sabra and Shatila" 1982 A.D.

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