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The 130th Edition- Twelfth Year- Sha'ban, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Shaaban is the Month of Complexity of Good things

It was narrated about the Prophet (peace be upon him) the following: "in your epoch days for your God there are grants, try to exploit them and not to be away of them".

"God honored times making doors for his marvel and a chance to enter the arena of his surplus and pleasure, it includes: Shaaban month that was glorified by the prophet (peace be upon him), whom if he had seen the half-moon ordered someone in the city to call loudly," O people of Yathreb, I am the messenger of Allah to you, Shaaban is my month, God blesses who aids me in my month." So how to aid the prophet (peace be upon him) in his month?

How to aid Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) on his month? It was narrated about Imam Ali (A.S..) that the reason for naming Shaaban as such is the ramification of the goods during it, and God had opened the "doors of paradise and showed you his castles and boons at low prices and through the easiest way, so buy it."

"Here comes if we aid Al-Imam Ali we will understand how to aid the Prophet in his month by receiving his blessing boons, some of his boons are:

1- Fasting: the Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) said the following: "I didn't miss fasting during Shaaban month since I have heard the caller of the prophet calling n this month."
2- Supplication: perhaps the best thing in it is the Shaaban intimacy (Monajat Shaabaniah), that great grace is from the prophet (peace be upon him) blessings, which Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (my his secret be sacred) had to stress on its repetition because of its great meanings and boons besides, one of the desirable supplications is the one that is mentioned during the demise of everyday," O Allah, blesses be upon Mohammad and his family, the prophet hood tree…."
3- Prayer: it is narrated that it includes several desirable prayers contained in some, that its reward eliminates the needs of the prayer concerning religion and his life affairs.
4- Forgiveness: it is narrated about Al-Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) his saying: "who asks God forgiveness in Shaaban once; Allah will forgive his sins even if they are as the number of stars".
5- Charity: about the prophet (peace be upon him): "who gives a charity in Shaaban, Allah will raise it to him as someone raise his squad, until he comes to the day of resurrection and he is like someone."
6- Spending the night-half of Shaaban: it is a noble night, it is reported that it is the best night after Al-Qader- nights, and what increased its nobility is the birth of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance) in its morning.
7- Commemorating the honorable occasions such as: the birth of Al-Imam Al-Hussein(A.S..), the birth of Abi-Al-Fadel Al-Abbas (A.S..), the birth of Al-Imam Zein Al-Abedin (A.S.) and the birth of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance).

The Mosque in the Life of the Individual and the Society

The mosque is a cleanser place that God attributed to himself as stated by the prophet saying, quoted from some Hadith: "since the one who takes people to visit has the same marvel as the visitor."

There was a prominent role for the mosque in Islam in the life of individuals and society. The enemy of Islam turned to dump the divine role of the mosque to become just a place for rituals that are devoid of content. And this is what Al-Imam Al-Khomeini referred to in his saying: "work on restoration of the mosques to what it was during Islam and be aware that in Islam there is no isolation or retire."
And the role that Al-Imam shed the light on is expressed in several titles:

The Spiritual Role

The house of prayer and supplication: it was narrated about Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.): "you should come to the mosque; it is Allah's houses on earth, so increase in it the prayer and supplication."

The Scientific Role

It was narrated about the prophet (peace be upon him and his household): "who goes to the mosque asking about learning something good or to inform someone, he will get a reward of a pilgrim."

The Social Role

The mosque is the brotherhood house, Al-Imam Al-Sadek (A.S.) said: "the owner of the mosque doesn't return back with less than one of the three (of them): the one who benefits the others for the sake of God".

The Political Role

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) had to broadcast awareness in the hearts of Muslims from the mosque. And about Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sacred); "the mosque is the center of political meetings."

Al-Jihad Role

From the mosque Muslims had to go with the prophet to defend Islam. Al-Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sacred) said: "the mosque is one of the trenches that defend Islam, and the mihrab (prayer) is a place of war."

The Redolence of guardianship

"The paramount importance of Islamic values and standards is a matter that must remain in the concern of the Islamic community and the Islamic system until the advent of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance)."

Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him)

Rouh Allah's Call

"How beautiful it is that the financial classes provide voluntarily to poor people housing and welfare, and to be assured that this good for them now and in the hereafter. Also it is not fair to keep people homeless and others own buildings."

Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sacred)

From Al-Jihad Memory

The Martyr's Mother is…..

During the declared day of the truce in the third of July war; the gathered troop in Al-Ghandoreya that was there has taken the chance to leave their concentration points and navigating between the brothers' locations to check the presence of each others and to provide the necessary weapons, equipment and food. Jawad progressed to the squad leader (Haj Abass) and said:

- I want to go to check on my mother
- It's ok
- But you should go with me first, because I am worried if she sees me she will feel pity and won't allow me to return back to my location. They marched together to the door. Jawad knocked firmly at the door.

She opened the door and stared at his eyes and shouted, Jawad, Jawad…drowned in a long hug and went on drawing kisses on his cheeks...

Haj Abass stood silently watching the scene:
She didn’t ask him to stay, but she asked something else:
My son remove the pot a little bit, she went on dressing it to him in a good way in which it relieves him.
- For as long as I had this hope to dress you the war's armor.

His tongue lost the ability of talking, he kept silent hearing her sweetly voice.
-I prepared you as an asset for this day, to whiten my face in front of Al-Zahraa (A.S.).

She said it as a hope, followed with a drop... drop… which warmed his chest and by a lovely smile he said to her, God with you, you are the most wonderful mother.

They went back and forth, he put his hand in Haj Abass hand, breathing deeply and saying, "I will not miss martyrdom."

-Haj Abass replied: "for every thing in this world there is a production path, God blesses our mothers they are "karbalaeyat"…. And preparation is the path for martyrdom.

- My mother, words are unable of building up to your etiquette, I will break my pen.

A Flame from Al-Mahdi’s Light

Who follows the biography of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance), he is clearly aware of the unseen, preservative and manufacturer hand for this blessed existence. Before and after his birth, and upon his honorable appearance.

Al-Imam Al-Askari's (A.S.) Will

In order for the Shiites not to fall in a quandary among their leader (Imam), Al-Imam Al-Askari had to make some of his companions to enter to Al-Mahdi (A.S.) from time to time to see him and tell other Shiites about his honorable presence. And that is stated in the following Hadith: "For Abu-Mohammad Al-Hasan had beget a child, he named him Mohammad, on the third day he let his companions see him saying: this your leader and your successor after me, and he is Al-Kaem which the necks are extended to wait him, if the earth was filled with inequity and injustice, he will appear to fill it will equity and justice.”

Al-Imam Al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) Will to his Shiites

Before his major absence, that the Shiites benefit from as much as they benefit from the sun if there is clouds over it, Al-Imam (A.S.) wrote his will to the son of Babaway Alkomy (the father of Sheikh Al-Sodouk) and to his Shiites saying:

"…..I advise you to forgive the sins, to repress anger, kinship, consoling brotherhood and the pursuit to achieve their needs in hardship and ease, and patience upon ignorance, to know your religion, fixed in decisions, and compact to Quran, good attitude and to order kindness and to forbid prohibited things…. and you should pray the night prayer, the prophet (peace be upon him) recommended Ali (A.S.) saying: "O Ali, you should pray the night prayer and the one who despises in this prayer isn’t one of us, follow my will and order my Shiites to do the same, and be patient and wait my diverge.. the prophet said about that: "the best work my nation can do is to wait diverge."

So my chieftain Abu – Al-Hasan persist and order all my Shiites to be patient, because God owns the earth, he inherits to whom he wants from his worshiper, and the consequence is to those who fear Allah, and peace be upon you and upon our Shiites, Allah is our agent, what a good master is he and what a good patron is he.


Shaaban Month Occasions

Second of Shaaban: the imposition of fasting Ramadan month.2 A.H.
Third of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Hussein (A.S.) 4 A.H.
Fourth of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Abass (A.S.) 26 A.H. and the day of the injured ones.
Fifth of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Imam Ali the son of Hussein (A.S.) 38 A.H.
Eleventh of Shaaban: the birth of Ali-Al-Akbar 33 A.H.
Fourteenth of Shaaban: commemoration of the 15 night of Shaaban
Fifteenth of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Mahdi 255 A.H. and the day of weak people.
Twenty-second of Shaaban: first week of the mosque


July 25: July aggression 1193
July 8: the outbreak of the First World War 1914
July 29: seven-days war 1993
First of August: The Lebanese Army Eid
August 6: dropping the atomic bomb in Hiroshima 1945
August 14: the end of July aggression defeat war in 206
August 21: burning Al-Aqsa mosque in 1969.

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