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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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The 129th Edition- Eleventh Year- Rajab, 1430 A.H.

Alasab Month

It was narrated about The seal of the prophets (peace be upon him) the following, " God has in the days of your epoch many gifts, oh, do interfere with! And don't abandon it".

God, (to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty), honors and dignifies this month. He describes it by the most generous because in it the mercy is filled by lot of generosity. The hadith tells us: when the month of Rajab comes, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) assembles all Muslims and makes a speech…" Oh! Muslims! You are shaded by a grateful and honorable month; it's the most generous month, when the mercy spread the man who worships God, except a polytheist or a producer of heresy in Islam ".

Rajab is one of the sacred months dignified by Allah. Moreover, it's the month that has the honor of venerable occasions: in this month was the Day of Resurrection of the seal of the prophets Mohammad, , in addition to the birth of Imam Ali(a.s), therefore the family of the prophet mohammad calls it The Month of the Commander of the Faithful.

Further more, it's the season of supplications. The prophet tells us: " God to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty nominates, in the seventh sky, an angel called the supplicant, when the month of Rajab comes, this angel exclaims each night of Rajab till morning : blessed be the one who extols God, blessed be the faithful ".

As well as, it's the month of the Night of Wishes that Prophet Mohammad focuses on its celebration when he said: "don't ignore the first Thursday's night, this is a night called by angels the Night of Wishes." ".

It's a month in which God likes the fast. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) tells us about the advantage of fasting: " …Oh! Who fast a day of Rajab, having faith in and satisfied with, merits the greatest gratification of God, moreover, his fast in that day extinguishes the anger of God and closes one of the hell's doors. If he gets the entire of earth full by gold, this won't be better than his fasting".

Knowing that, in this month God likes prostration and says while doing this, all through the month: "Oh, God! The fault of your servant is very big, let your forgiveness be from you ", imitating Imam- Zainul Abedine,(a.s).

Al-imam Al-Khamenei's will for Rajab Month

At the beginning of the month of Rajab, Imam Khamenei recommends Muslims a group of directions that can help them benefit morally from the occasion offered in this honorable month, the most important of these directions are:

Multiplying the agreeable worships. If we didn’t do them let start from now on.

Constructing a personality at the material and moral dimensions, by taking the benefit from the time and the energy in worships which strength our religiousness, for example:

1- Accord an importance to the legislative rules, whether they were obligatory or not.
2- Learn different arts especially those related to our Jihad, and fight against the arrogant and their agents.
3- Be far from the sources of corruption that pollute the society and the individual, we don't mean only the moral corruption but also the political and financial ones.
4- The self surveillance: that means we should reprimand ourselves and refuse any suspicion.
5- Taking care of others, in a sense of seeking reform in the place of a deviation , so we shouldn’t stand idly in front of that.

Al-imam Ali (a.s) in the words of the leader

In the memory of Imam Ali's birth on 13 of Rajab, Imam Khamenae made a speech saying:

In this honorable day, I ask God to bless all Muslims and the demanders of justice in the world, especially those who like Imam Ali (a.s) .

Since centuries, the men who know this sacred personality - either Muslims or non –Muslims talk and write about Imam Ali. But what was said wasn't enough to clarify all the dimensions of this personality and this model of the absolute divine power, and the complete word of Allah.

It is evident that the problem exists probably in ourselves; we can't imagine this moral and spiritual personality because of the weakness of our minds and our familiarization with material measures. We can draw the characters of this great moral personality in our minds, by the media of the saying's blessing of who is on the same or higher level of the Imam (a.s), who is the Seal of the Prophets Mohammad, (peace be upon him). Someone tells us that the Prophet Mohammad said to some of his companions, "who wants to know the knowledge of Adam, and the tolerance of Ibrahim, and the solemnity of Moses, and the worship of Jesus, so, let him look to Ali ibn Abi Taleb ".

That means that the knowledge of Adam, peace be upon him, which the Koran says about him in Sûrat Al Bakara, verse:31 (And He taught Adam all the names, then presented them to the angels; then He said: Tell me the names of those if you are right), and the tolerance of Ibrahim, peace be uponhim, that God says about him in the Koran ﴾Most surely Ibrahim was forbearing, tender-hearted, oft-returning (to Allah﴿(Hûd, 75), as well as the solemnity of Moses, peace be upon him, which shows to people the weakness of the authority of Pharaoh, and the worship of Jesus who was an example of asceticism, faithfulness and adoration of God, moreover, some telling adds the asceticism of Yehya ibn Zakaria, peace be upon him, all these qualities are grouped in this great man that we consider ourselves as his adherents. These words can clarify- to a certain degree- an image concerning the personality of that great man. Let the Imam be our example in all these qualities. Let try to be like this Imam. How a person can pretend that he is an adherent to Ali ibn Abi Taleb, and that this person is his Imam, while his cardiac relationship with Allah is the less thing he cares about??

A story and a lesson:

You gave me to drink the passion of Imam Hussein (a.s).

Brother Hatem remembers that the martyr Rani Bazzi came to him while he was in his location during the confrontations; Hatem told him that the thirst is on the point of killing him. Martyr Rani cried because the situation of his brother Hatem, he stood under a tree, looked to the sky and begged Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and said:« Sir Hussein, this young man is one of your soldiers, he adopts your open way and if he was in Karbala he certainly defended you … I please you, by your thirst and your loneliness… Give him water to drink». He was murmuring these words while they were mixed by his tears; Hatem said to him: "in that moment I was watered, I felt as if a cold water flows into my intestines and my thirst disappeared».

Ruh Allah's call:

Imam Ali (a.s), is the appearance of the absolute justice, the marvel of the world ,who has no equal by kindness in the world-from the beginning until the eternity- unless the more respectable Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sacred)

The redolence of guardianship

The influence of the speeches and positions of Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s), is on the point of equivalence with the sacrifice's influence of Imam Hussein (a.s).
Imam Khamenei's (may god keep him)

The occasions:

The occasions of Rajab:

1st of Rajab (57 a.h): birth of Imam al- Baker (a.s).
2nd of Rajab (212 a.h): birth of Imam al- Hadi(a.s) and the Night of Wishes
3rd of Rajab (254 a.h) : Martyrdom of Imam al- Hadi (a.s).
10th of Rajab (195 a.h) : birth of Imam al- Jawad(a.s)
12th of Rajab (36 a.h) : Imam Ali(a.s), adopts Al Kufa as the capital of the Islamic State.
13th of Rajab (23 before the Hegira): birth of Imam Ali(a.s).
15th of Rajab (62 a.h): death of Sayyeda Zeinab and al- Kaaba becomes the Kiblah of Muslims instead of Al Aksa Mosque.
21th of Rajab (42 a.h): birth of Sayyeda Soukayna, daughter of Imam Hussein (a.s).
24th of Rajab (6 a.h)the conquest of Khaybar.
25th of Rajab ( 183 a.h): Martyrdom of Imam al- Kazem (a.s).
27th of Rajab (13 before the Hegira) : the day of delegation of the Prophet Mohammad ( peace be upon him).
28th of Rajab ( 60 a.h) : Imam Hussein, left Mecca and went to the Medina.

The occasions of July:

Twelfth of July 2006: the operation of the divine victory and the beginning of July war.
Sixteenth of July 2008: Al Ridwan operation (the liberation of the prisoners and the Martyrs' cadavers from Israeli prisons).

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