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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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The 127th Edition- Eleventh Year- Jumada I, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Colonialism Culture

The poisonous culture of colonialism that penetrates countries and Islamic regions, every day causes deviation to our youths in special tones and deceptive titles.

They are producing films to deviate women and men away of the natural path of life, work, education and production taking them to negligence, pessimism and mistrust by themselves or their homelands. also they baptized by traitors and those who are seeking to get profit ,to transfer a lot of culture, literature and valuable monuments to the libraries and museums of the west and east. Moreover, they spread their poison through newspapers, magazines, radio, cinemas, theater, television and print media to increase animal lusts and desires of young people and drugging nations. They used propaganda to make people imitate them in work and dress and the use of western words to speak and write.

I recommend all stakeholders and recipients of manners to provide the youth with the moral, ideological, technical and scientific means and accompany them to reach the best values and creativity and save the spirit of independence and self- sufficiency in them.

Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sacred)

The First Historic Victory

Our dear people who embraced the resistance and won together on 25 of May 2000, it has done the first Arab victory in the historic conflict with the Israeli enemy, despite the basic inequality in forces and in spite of the world silence, has made a miracle victory which stunned the world and humiliated the Zionists. Those Zionists view the people in a special and unique way because they had accomplished in the history of conflict a special and unique achievement.

The dear, steadfast, fighter and honorable people I tell you that in this confrontation with the Zionists we are in front of two options: to dedicate today to the Israeli conditions and making Lebanon attends the Israeli hegemony or to stand firmly, be patient and face them.

Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah (may God keep him)

Work in Islam

The work in Islam is a worship , the islam rejects the inertia, slack and unemployment. Our society needs all kinds of intellectual, physical and administrative work and in various fields. There are parties ,who should harmonize their efforts seriously : they are the officials and the people.

Devotion to Work

Who is working in a certain place, must feel a kind of devotion to his work and be responsible about it. And this responsibility is different from the liability to the master of work. Because in addition to the legitimate attribute and humanity that it holds, it make the people feel the self-necessity of making his work properly in the case of the presence or the absence of control. This is the meaning of devotion to work.

Invocation without work is not answered

Some have locked themselves in their houses adherent to what Allah has said whoever trusts in Allah , he is sufficient for him﴿ the prophet has pointed that Allah will not respond to the invocation until the society is headed towards the development and construction.

Islam takes care of capabilities

Because of the existence of freedom, ideas grow and capabilities prosper. Whereas tyranny provides inhibition to capabilities and the boom of capabilities that Islam calls for. Islam wants us to use our latent capabilities in our work.

Imam Khamenae (May God keep him)

The Redolence of Guardianship

"The rationalization of consumption is an essential step in the process of progress and justice, because the disease of squander has led to the creation of problems and the damage of cultural, economical and social backgrounds."

                                                             Imam Khamenei (May God keep him)

Rouh Allah's call

"We must reform the homelands through the attempt of the youths"

A Story and a Lesson

After my Martyrdom

Sayyid Reza and his friends set up a firm snare, their bodies sunk between the oak branches, the groups of extorter appeared, the lion rushed as a destroyable hurricane exploding the bomb in the enemies. Then he turned his gun towards the remained ones, he was the first one who shot followed by his friends. But the success of that bold process didn’t born without labor , the doors of heavens opened rushing martyrdom to welcome her beloved man , who was filled with hope and uncertainty to be in the parade of loyalty and manhood. The evil bullets hit Sayyid Reza's body and smashed his lofty head.

The dawn has risen and the epoch shuddered of its dormancy.

The space was filled with flags and happiness, the martyr was in his best appearance and well perfumed.

In the southern village "raas osta" near the sunset, in front of the blue sea that is witched by Almujahedin's generosity Mr. Reza was buried. Leaving his moral effects a valuable legacy for the nation and a charm to protect the nation and it has been written on the marble of his grave:

Here lies who said, "I want to create a generation that holds the gun after my martyrdom"

The Occasions of Jumada the First

- The third of Jumada the first: the battle of HOTEEN 375 A.H.
- The fifth of Jumada the first: The birth of Sayyda Zeinab (A.S.) in the fifth year of immigration
- The fifteenth of Jumada the first: the battle of ALJAMAL 36 A.H.
- The twenty ninth of April: the conquest of Jursalem in 1186
- The first of May: international labor day
- Fifth of May: burning Al-Aksa mosque 1937 A.D.
- May 15th: Britain’s withdrawal from Palestine/ The rise of The Zionist entity in 1948 A.D.
- May 17th: The disgraceful agreement between the Lebanese government and The Zionist entity in 1983 A.D.
- May 23rd: The Day of the Lebanese Captives and Liberated
- May 25th: The withdrawal of the Israelite enemy from Lebanon in 2000 A.D. / The Day of Resistance and Liberation

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