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The 126th Edition- Eleventh Year- Rabi II, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

 The Level of Need

Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini focused on the necessity of being on familiar terms with the level of need of the other people when helping them. He has thus stated: "We should always have an interpersonal relationship, and should always be friends with the impoverished and unable people more than with those wealthy, able, and well-off. In other words, always be brothers; for friendship and brotherhood go hand in hand”. He stressed that “aiding the needy people, equaling ourselves with their selves, and staying behind their social class is a great pleasure that the guardians have had".
Moreover, he has pointed to the importance of serving some categories of the society, including:

• The Strugglers: Imam says: "My will and everlasting advice - when facing any current circumstances and any future one- is to make those beloved fighters, who have struggled, sacrificed and dedicated their blood and life only for the cause of Islam, your priority in life ".

• Kinship: In his will, addressing his son Ahmed (May he rest in peace), Imam stated: "Do your best in order to serve your kinship especially your mother who has rights on you and to keep her always pleased".

• The deprived people: Imam says: "I advise all of you to do your best in order to maintain the vulnerable classes’ welfare. In fact, solving the problems of those deprived in the society is measured well whether at the hereafter or at this vanishing life".

• The oppressed people: "Try your best in order to help the oppressed people and to protect them from the oppressors and the dictators", quoted from his saying.  

• Serving Islam: Imam stated addressing his son Ahmad (May he rest in peace): "As my successor, you might be offered to run several positions. If you intend to serve Islam, don’t reject ". 

One day the Palestinian People will Regain their Sovereignty 

What is happening nowadays on the Palestinian territories is considered an extraordinary humanitarian catastrophe i.e. the bloody, barbaric, and atrocious “Israeli” intimidations and attacks against the oppressed Palestinian people.

I hereof, address an appeal asking the conscience of the entire world to stand as a judge. I do well believe that all the statements that are being issued as political analysis or recommendations are but myths and legends in front of the fact that our Palestinian people are being insulted in their own homeland by the invaders of those territories. They are being killed, unsecured, arrested, and are as well loosing youth, lives, and homes. Hence, let the conscience of the world judge and declare who has the right at this point, and what is the duty of humanity? When doing so, we will not be having any additional need. I ask them to put this truth in front of their eyes, and watch what is happening nowadays!

In fact, both the Arab and the Islamic world have to pay attention today to the hostile and expansionist practices carried out by the “Israeli” enemy. If they both fail to notice the cause, they will no longer gain but only damage and scandal. Let there be no doubt that one day the Palestinian people will regain their sovereignty.

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him)

The Redolence of Guardianship

Islam as a religion is to defend humanity and its values, to spread mercy and chivalry. Islam as a religion is to give the brethrens their humanitarian independence. This is the message of Islam.

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him)

 A Story and A Lesson 
Flying High in the Sky… as an Eagle

Sheikh Ahmed "Abu Dhar" was one of the strugglers who took part in causing maximum casualties to the enemy. Yet, it was Sheikh’s turn to fight in a place near his town. He thus attacked at its borders a withdrawing military machine and was able to damage and burn it. However, and while he was about to move towards the site located at the town in order to free it, the enemies fired from behind a shell that came near and reached his blessed body. Consequently, he fell on the ground, and kept on saying and repeating “I swear by God of Kaaba, I have won”.
In fact, he martyred at that same place where he used to walk as a child between the trees as if flying and playing with the flowers, plants, stones etc... He has fair enough returned to his town, but this time as an eagle at its yards and surroundings. The people of his town were repeating the words “Ahmed has finally returned back to his town flying high in the sky as an eagle”. That eagle has fallen on the side of the rock under the wild pine, laid his legs and hands, and slept deep for the first time. From that place where he has rested, he affirmed that the act of blood that has liberated the south is as well capable of liberating Palestine… Even if after some time.

Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred)

The Victory of Blood

On the anniversary of April War (Operation Grapes of Wrath), we must remember the martyrs of the Islamic resistance. Those heroes who have remained steadfast for sixteen days under the punch of the artillery, the air strikes and the shelling of hundreds of tons of rockets, missiles and explosives and yet did not retrieve even one single step. On this occasion, we say: We herein- from Lebanon- offer the entire world around us a new experience upon which the blood overcomes the sword. We thereby call for the continuation of the Lebanese national coherence position on resistance and ask them not to compromise any of our rights and to assure that giving the enemy any guarantee or any form of comfort or even just a smile is wrong. Thus, the enemy will not limit its self to this but will instead demand more and more and this will be the first step towards weakness.

At the end of the battle, let us keep on telling the enemy what we were repeating when it was launched:
Get out of our land unconditionally. You are in front of one sole option: either to withdraw or to withdraw or to withdraw. In fact, we don’t have any other position or any other language to use when dealing with this enemy. On that basis, we promise you based upon the logic of the victory of blood that we will regain the land with dignity, honor, and glory and without anyone’s help in this world.

Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah (may God keep him)
 Rouh Allah's Call
We are proud of all the infallible Imams (peace be upon them) and we commit ourselves to follow them. We are also proud that our Imams have spent their ages imprisoned and displaced in order to keep Islam superior.

Imam Khomeini (May his secret be sacred)


* Tenth of Rabih Al-Thani: The birth of Imam Hasan (Al-Askari) (A.S.) 232 A.H.
* Tenth of Rabih Al-Thani: The death of the infallible lady, daughter of Imam Kazem (peace be upon them) 201 A.H.
* Fourteenth of Rabih Al-Thani: The revolution of Al-Mukhtar Ibn Abu Obeida Al-Thaqafi, 66 A.H.
* April 1: The establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 A.D.
* April 6: Maydun Massacre in 1988 A.D. / Deir Yassin Massacre in 1948 A.D.
* April 7: World Health Day.
* April 9: The martyrdom of Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr in 1981 A.D.
 - The entrance of the American occupation forces to Baghdad in 2003 A.D.
 * April 11: The beginning of April’s aggression in 1996 A.D.
 * April 13: Al-Mansuri Massacre in 1996 A.D.
         - The outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 A.D.
* April 18: The construction of Al-Aqsa mosque in 1369 BC.
- Qana first Massacre in 1996 A.D.

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