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The 124th Edition- Eleventh Year- Safar, 1430 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Opening

The Martyr's School

We belong to a school that its prophets and Imams are martyrs, therefore nothing had changed with the martyrdom of Haj-Imad ,as we were while the martyrdom of our leader and general-secretary Syyid Abass-Moussawi ,and the martyrdom of Sheikh – Ragheb- Hareb because we are in a true war; in a bloody battle defending our homeland, people, nation , our holy places and hour dignity in facing all the greed, threats, challenges and aggressions that are represented by Israel and America and all those who stand behind them.

They (the Zionist) see in the martyrdom of Haj-Imad a great achievement, and we see from it a great gospel of a coming, deceive and final victory by god's will. To remember a little bit:
-this was the case with Shiekh-Rageb, when they killed him the resistance ascended and escalated out Israel from the capital, from the mountain, from the western Bekaa and most of the south except from the occupied strip…
-also was the case with the martyr's leader Syyid-Abass ,killed him and thought that the resistance will collapse by his killing , whereas it ascended and drew its graph line, and after a few years, Israel went out, defeated and humiliated in 2000; because of the blood and the resistance that bore the name and the banner of Abass-Mousawi .
- And today they killed the brother and the leader Imad-Moghneieh thinking that by killing him the resistance will collapse. But they are completely wrong and dispersed, as they did wrong when they killed Syyid-Abass. From July war 2006 that is closely related to Imad-Moghneieh to the blood of Imad-Moghneieh in February 2008, let the whole world write and I hold the whole responsibility:
"We should date the start –up phase of Israel fall"
If Sheikh-Rageb's blood dismissed them out of most of the Lebanese lands, and if Syyid-Abass's blood dismissed them out of the occupied strip excepting Shebaa farms, then the blood of Imad-Moghneieh will make them out of he existence by Allah's will.

Sayyid-Hasan-Nasrallah (may God keep him)

The Redolence of Guardianship

We have to make of February- 11 "the anniversary of the Islamic revolution victory in Iran" an example for us through out of our lives and the lives of the coming generations, to remember and greatness it, it is the day of triumph of faith over disbelieve and a victory of God over leviathan."

Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sacred)

A Story and a Lesson

The Great Martyrdom
That night, Al-Sayyid slept deeply; whereas Om-Ysser couldn't sleep she was waiting impatiently the daybreak. In the short period that she slept in, she saw Aba-Yasser sitting next to her in a car going in a convoy on the road to the south. When a Jewish woman extended her hand from the window and cut off the pearl necklace that Om-Yasser was wearing, she waked up, worried about the dream ,and when she told Aba-Yasser he said," I will go to "Jibshiit" to join the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh-Rageb." She said to him, "you are going on a perilous journey and I have seen in my dream that I would be next to you, imam –Hussein (A.S.) escorted his family members with him to Karbalaa; either we return back safe or we become martyrs."
The meeting of the father with his children turned the atmosphere of the house into a Eid, that day was a school holiday ,they went on asking him about everything, told him all what happened to them in the past months, they went on staring at him, some of them started to caress his fingers and others climbed on his shoulders and one of them settled in his lap rejecting his departure. He was happy with them to a point that his eyes were filled with tears ,he didn’t know that these moments won't be repeated and that the time of separation from his loved ones was near since the commander of the enemy had prepared a plane for February sixteen a great day for martyrdom.

The Main Subject

The Last Words

the prophet entered the mosque with a blindfolded head and an appearance of having a high fever, sat on the pulpit, praised and glorified God and then said," one of Allah's salve had given the choice between this world and what Allah owns, he chose what Allah owns". Then he kept silent for a while and people bended their heads, and continued his speech and in his mind the plan of war against the Romans and equipped for that war a large army, led by Usama the son of Zaid (eighteen years old) commanding his companions and the rest of Muslims to fall under his banner, so he said from the pulpit of the mosque, "o people, save Osam's army"… Then he felt silent for a while and his fever was becoming more volatile, then said, "o people, I do praise God for you, a throb which is between your backs has become near me, so the one whom I have flogged his back, this is my back he can come and revenge, also the one whom I have taken his money this is my money let him come and take it; never a man says I feel afraid of the prophet's (peace be upon him) grudge, although the grudge is neither my nature nor my business. Indeed I love the best who has a right on me and comes to ask about or he permits me to meet Allah with a calm self…." Then he came down from the pulpit, prayed and went on waiting for the people who were feeling tired from the prophet's question,  the prophet who was the greatest infallible and praised by Allah that he had been ethically the greatest. Suddenly a disturbed man stood up and said to the prophet (peace be upon him) that once his whip felt down (accidentally) on his stomach, immediately the prophet (peace be upon him) revealed of his abdomen and asked him to cut from it, the man came near the prophet in front of the astonished people to kiss the prophet's body. To be the last covenant from him, was to touch by his body the prophet's body, and then he (peace be upon him) entered his home where the sadness leaving that the creation faced had begun and which the prophet's family asked us to remember if we faced a personal thing. About Al-Imam Al-Baker (A.S..) he said: "If you faced a calamity in yourself or in your money, remember the prophet's calamity because the creatures haven’t fallen in such ever." It was stated in the prophet's visit that it is good to say: "We are for God and to him we will return, o our beloved we were afflicted by you, how great is the misfortune, where the revelation got lost, and we had lost you, so we are for God and to him we will return".

The Commander’s Jurisprudence

For Om-Albanin there was four boys from Al-imam Ali (A.S.) , those heroes were martyred during the support of their brother Al-imam Alhussein in Karbala in Ashura day.
The oldest and the best among them is Al-Abass, nicknamed, Abo-Alfadel. And he was the last one killed of them, where he presented them by his hands and they all were killed.
Al-Abass (A.S.) had a stunt no one of his brothers had the same; he had a pretty appearance, nicknamed "qamar bani hashem". He was brave and huge, when he rides the horse his legs touch the land, and the banner of Al-Hussien was with him when he was martyred .also nicknamed "water skins " because he was able to bring water to Al-Hussein and his family but he was killed before conveying water to them.
The friends of "Almokatel" mentioned things about the heroism of Om-Albanin children and their condolences to Al-Hussein (A.S.) they said," when Al-Abass saw the large numbers of killed people in his family and companions, he said to his three brothers: Abdullah, Jaafar, Othman.. " my mother's sons go ahead to fight ,myself you are save your master to be killed rather than him and you have advised for the sake of Allah and his messenger."
Then Abdullah (twenty-five years old) fought until he was killed.
Then submitted Jaafar (nineteen-years old) he fought as heros until he was killed.
Then Othman (twenty-one years old) he fought toughly until he was killed.
At that time Al-imam Alhussien was carrying them from the battlefield to the tent , but he (A.S.) couldn’t carry Alabass and left him in his demise.
And when the news of martyrdom reached to their mother, in the city, she cried bitterly, but crying them was less than crying on AL-Hussien (A.S.) …peace be upon you who made the mother's of martyrs proud, who supported Al-Hussien (A.S.) .

Occasions of Safar Month

First of Safar:
Sofin incident 37 A.H. and the entrance of sabaya to Damascus 61 A.H.
Second of Safar: the martyrdom of Roqaya (alhussien's daughter) 61 A.H.
Third of Safar: the martyrdom of Zayd the son of Ali the son of Al-Hussein 121 A.H.
Seventh of Safar: the birth of imam Mousa Alkazem 128 A.H.
Ninth of Safar: Alnahrawan battle 38 A.H.
Twentieth of Safar: Al-Hussein's forties.
Twenty-eighth of Safar: the martyrdom of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) 11 A.H. and the martyrdom of imam Alhassan (A.S.) 50 A.H.
Twenty-ninth of Safar: the martyrdom of Imam Ali Alrida (A.S.) 203 A.H.
Twenty-ninth of January: the day of freedom for the Lebanese and Palestine prisoners
Tenth of February: the process of the martyr's Ahmad kassir 1985
Eleventh of February: the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran 1979
Twelfth of February: the martyrdom of Haj-Imad Moghneieh 2008
Sixteenth of February: the martyrdom of sayyid Abass Mousawi 1992 


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