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The 122nd Edition- Twelfth Year- Dhul al-Hijja, 1429 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Between Fraternity and al- Ghadir

The major title of the Day of Ghadir is the fraternization. It is related for fraternization a special form which indicates the depth of the relationship which The Most High God wants to be present among the brothers of the guardianship. This form, as the noble discourses relate, is that the believer puts his right hand on the right hand of his believing brother and says, "I fraternize you for the sake of God; I deal honestly with you for the sake of God; and I shake hands with you for the sake of God. I promise God, His angels, Books, Messengers, Prophets, and the Impeccable Imams in case I am from the people of Heaven and intermission and in case I am permitted to enter the Heaven that I do not enter it unless you are with me." Then, his believing brother answers him, "I accept."
It is well known that fraternity has great affects in strengthening the ties of union in the Islamic society and in accomplishing the essence of the Saying of The Most High God: ﴾The believers are brothers﴿. Fraternity has great significations and consequences in addition to considerable conditions, among which we are going to mention the following:
1- The brothers are the elite chosen by God: God’s prophet (peace be upon him and his household) said, "The one believer’s affection towards the other believer for the sake of God is considered from the greatest branches of belief. He who loves, detest, and prevents for the sake of God is from the elite chosen by God."
2- The Great Reward: It is related that Imam Al-Sadik (A.S.) said, "Accomplishing the need of the Muslim is better than a thousand accepted pilgrimage, than releasing a thousand slaves for the sake of The Most High God, and than preparing a thousand horses with their saddles and reins for the sake of God."
With respect to the how of the relationship among the brothers, the prophet's family clarified a lot of details, among which we are going to mention the following:

1- Fairness and Mercy and Advice: It is related that Imam Jaafar Al-Sadik (A.S.) said, "The brothers need three things among themselves: … being fair and merciful with each other, and not being jealous from each other." It is due to The Most High God’s Mercy with the believers that He broadened for them the horizons of His Worship and the means of getting close to Him, to the extent that He made the believer’s looking at his brother for the sake of God to be considered worship of God. It is related that The Prophet said, "Looking at a brother whom you love for the sake of The Most Glorious and Reverent God is considered to be worship of God."
2- Communication and Hiding the Defaults: It is related that The Commander of the Believers (A.S.) said, "The worst among people is the one who does not forgive the mistake and who does not hide the default."

TheRedolence of Guardianship
Without love, we would not have moved forward with this renaissance. And we, in the Islamic thought, have the best example for love i.e. the love of The prophet's family .

Al- Imam Al-Khamenei (may God keep him)

A story and a Lesson
Bayt Yahoun Embracing Its Son

Sajid, laughing as usual, entered the room. When he had just lain on the couch, the planes raided the neighboring house. The glasses of the windows were thrown over him and the resistants scattered in the house.
Sajid asked his comrades to get separated, yet he remained there to cure the wound of one of the brothers whose repressed shouts were indicating the severe pain.
They were just few minutes when the second raid happened yet on the house this time, with Sajid being injured severely and falling on the ground… What made things worse was the falling of an aluminum board from the roof of the house, thus penetrating him from the hip to the hip!
He was paining silently and trying to move his body, yet in vain… His comrade rose, after a great effort, from under the ruin to surprisingly find him completely paralyzed… He carried him few meters outside, and then he heard him saying with his eyes bathing in tears, "Get away, I am going to martyrize… Yet, by God’s due on you, do not leave my corpse for the Israelites..." So, he carried him to a nearby orchard, put him among the trees in a hidden form, and withdrew...
Beside the site of Bayt Yahoun, the battles were going on… The resistants could not get back the noble corpse of Sajid till the seventh day. It is as if that resisting town detested that he would leave it quickly, so it got blessed with his pure blood for a whole week.
Deal with an Islamic Fraternity
Visiting God’s Sacred House has several divine aspects. In addition to the worshipping and political aspects, there is the social aspect which is based on the great conference manifesting in the meeting of the Muslims from all over the world with their different colors, various races, and several classes.
Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) pointed out to the necessity of making use of this conference; he said, "The Muslims who are carrying the message of The Most High God must make benefit of the political and social essence of pilgrimage besides its worshipping essence; they must not restrict to the outer appearance."
Also, His Eminence said, "One of the missions of the philosophy of pilgrimage is to establish mutuality and to strengthen the ties of fraternity among the Muslims… This great assembly from all over the world represents the strengthening of the bonds of union among the followers of The Prophet of Islam, the followers of The Noble Qur’an in confrontation of the tyrants of the entire world. In case some pilgrims cause, God forbids, a certain default in this union which leads to separation, this will bring about the wrath of God’s prophet and the Torture of God The Most Capable The Most Powerful.
O respectful pilgrims!

Deal with Islamic kindness, chivalry, and fraternity with all the servants of God. Regard everybody- without considering the color, language, region, and surrounding- to be belonging to you. Be all of you one Qur’anian hand, so that you will overcome the enemies of Islam and humanity."

The Commander's Jurisprudence
The Contract of Fraternity

Q: Is it permissible to hold the fraternity contract on other days rather than the day of Ghadir Khom?

A: It is not known whether this contract is exclusive to the day of Ghadir Khom; still, it is a priority and a cautiousness to restrict to this day.
Q: Is it dutiful that the fraternity contract be held in the common form? Or is it permissible to hold it in any language?
A: Though it is preferable to consider the common special form, it is not known for sure that it is dutiful to say it in particular.
The Occasions of Thou Al-Houjja
- Thou Al-Houjja 1st: Imam Ali’s (A.S.) marriage to Sayyda Al-Zahraa (A.S.) in the second year of immigration
- Thou Al-Houjja 7th: the martyrdom of Imam Al-Baqer (God’s peace bestowed upon him) in the year 114 of immigration
- Thou Al-Houjja 8th: the Tarweeya Day/ Imam Al-Houssein’s (A.S.) getting out from Makka to Iraq in the year 60 of immigration/ Occupying the night of Arafat with worship
- Thou Al-Houjja 9th: Standing in Arafat/ Occupying the day of Arafat with worship
- Thou Al-Houjja 10th: the Great Bairam
- Thou Al-Houjja 18th: The Ghadir Feast
- Thou Al-Houjja 24th: The Vying Day in the year 10 of immigration/ Imam Ali’s (A.S.) giving his ring as alms in the year 10 of immigration
- Thou Al-Houjja 27th: The Horra Battle in Al-Madina Al-Mounawwara in the year 63 of immigration
- December 1st: The first huge assembly of the Opposition and the start of the strike in 2006 A.D.
- December 10th: The second huge assembly of the Opposition in the downtown of Beirut in 2006 A.D.
- December 25th: The birth of the Messiah bin Mariam

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