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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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The 121st Edition- Twelfth Year- Dhul al-Qada, 1429 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

The Beginning of the Major Occultation

The twenty-fifth of Dul-Qeda month is one of the blessed days: it is the day of the earth stretch, one of the four days that are specialized for fasting through the summed year. It is narrated that fasting in this day is equivalent to fasting for seventy-years and expiation for the sins of seventy years. Also it is narrated that in this day Allah's mercy are spread out, and that the worship and the meeting of believers in to supplicate for God, are rewarded very much. Also it contains several desirable works in the book of supplications.

And the day of the earth stretch is linked to the noble Kaaba, as Al-Imam Al-Rida (A.S.) has signed to when he was asked about the reason of putting the Kaaba in the middle of the world, he answered that: "It is the position of the place where the earth was stretched." Also as we notice in the beginning of the following supplication," God, who stretched the Kaaba…." And the position of the Kaaba -the place of the earth stretch- is the holiest site on this earth as what was mentioned in the following Hadith, "God has chosen one thing from everything, and selected from Mecca the mosque and has chosen from the mosque the position of the Kaaba."

So for the Kaaba there is a special feature, it is the old house that no one of people owns, it is built on four pillars that reflect the four words upon which Islam is built on, "praise God, thank God, no god but God and God is great."

Martyr’s day November 11

The memory of the honorable martyrs, who were planets that enlightened this section of time are considered of the most cherished memories maintained by the Muslims’ people (strugglers).

They were old and young wearing an anonymity dress and gave themselves a gift for Islam and Quran, and heroes who tore up the blocks of ignorance and misguidance, they reached the guidance sun rays to the maximum point of the world and oppressed who fought valiantly for the right and put the noses of the tyrants of their time in the mud.

This great people will always stay glorifying the memory of these dear martyrs and immortal the divine rubric that emphasize on having a good memory for them.

I offer my greetings from the depths of my heart to the pure soil of these dear people, and ask God to write me and to all who miss their happy ending that have remained as a beautiful aspiration we live.

Allah, his angels and his good people prayers to the pure souls, gained from allay the accompany of the prophets and his saints and may he gives their families compassion and virtue.

A story and a Lesson

The Foundation of Marriage in Family Formation

In the eyes of the Quran, marriage is a way of silence, a source of love and a base in the family composition, here comes the Islamic texts to eager people to marry, Allah says: and one of his signs is that he created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them; and he put between you love and compassion, mostly surely they are signs in this for a people who reflects. And the prophet (peace be upon him and his household) says: "Qualification is my nation’s choice…" so youth people should realize the realities of life and work on to break the excess luxury protocol, to stop imitating the wrong traditions, if the initial and simple tapes were available for marriage, then the youth can take a step safely away from charged showiness  as what Al-imam Al-Khomeini has noted when he said, “I am pleased and excited to the ceremony of marriages of our youth that is held annually, and if traditionally the ceremony of marriages were simple and far from flashy, then I expect the solving of many problems. And the basis of marriage in Islam is based on simplicity, whereas the culture of reproduction, pride and wealth held things to a great extent.”

The Redolence of Guardianship

The birth of Al-Imam Al-Rida (A.S.)

The political life of Al-Imam Al-Rida that lasted nearly twenty years is worthy of investigation and in-depth study and that because it was one of the sensitive and highlighted stations of that era.

Imam Khamenei (May God keep him)

Rouh Allah's Call

The leader’s jurisprudence

The rule of crackers:

Not permissible to use, manufacture, sale and buy if:

-were hurtful to others

-considered a waste for money

Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sacred)

Occasions of
Dhu al-Qi'dah

First of Dhu al-Qi'dah : is the birth of Fatima, Imam’salialrida sister 179(A.H.)

Eighth of Dhu al-Qi'dah : the imposition of pilgrimage 8(A.H.)

Eleventh of Dhu al-Qi'dah : the birth of Al-imam Ali Al-Rida 148(A.H.)

Twenty-one of Dhu al-Qi'dah : the battle of (banokorayza) 5(A.H.)

Twenty-five of Dhu al-Qi'dah : the day of the earth’s stretching

Twenty-nine of Dhu al-Qi'dah : the martyrdom of Al-imam Aljawad 220(A.H.)

November 2: the famous balfour declaration 1917 (A.D.)

November 7: Britain occupied Palestine 1917 (A.D.)

November 11: Hezbollah martyr’s day, the process of martyrdom of Ahmad Kassir 1982 (A.D.)

November 17: world youth day

November 22: Lebanese Independence Day 1943(A.D.)

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