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The 119th Edition- Twelfth Year- Ramadan, 1429 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
The Opportunity of Allah's Month

The days and nights of Blessed Ramadan are the noblest days and nights. And in the Qadr Night [The Decree Night], The Most High God decrees the subsistences and the fates of the mankind and offers them the opportunity of repentance. Imam Al-Khaminaei (May God keep him) pointed out to this in his saying, “Blessed Ramadan is from the precious and great opportunities which God, by His Kindness, offered us and [during which He] called us to His Table. How extreme the happiness of the human being is when he is given the opportunity of sitting with the upper angels including the Loyal Spirit [Angel Jibrael]: Therein descend the angels and the Ruh [Jibrael] by Allah’s Permission with all Decrees﴿ (Al-Qadr [The Decree] Chapter/ Verse 4).”
In the context of showing the meaning of this night and the necessity of knowing its greatness and value, His Eminence (May God keep him) said, “Know the value of these days. And know the value of the Qadr Nights. The Noble Quran states Peace! Until the appearance of dawn﴿ (Al-Qadr Chapter/ Verse5); this is a great value… Moreover, it is the night which God described to be the Divine Peace and Greeting upon the human being i.e. peacefulness and security and felicity among the people and among the hearts, souls, bodies, and societies.”
His Eminence also pointed out to the spiritual value of this night; he said, “Know the value of this night from the spiritual aspect. And supplicate in this night for what procures the goodness of yourselves and for what procures the welfare of the Muslims. And ask God to solve the problems of the Muslims. And supplicate for the guidance of the people and of yourselves. And supplicate for what you want.”
The Result of Piety
Blessed Ramadan is the month of worship and piety, during which the human being is offered the opportunity to fight his instincts and fancies, and from which he gets help in order to build himself and to follow the path of guidance. Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) said, “The greatest lesson in Ramadan is the self building…”
Rajab and Shaaban are two months during which the heart and the mind of the human being make their preparations in order to sit to the Table of the Divine Hospitality in God’s month during which The Most High God opens the doors of the sky and the heavens and the mercy. Imam Al-Khamenei said, “It is a month like the rain of mercy which falls upon the atmospheres of our life and thus washes from it the sins which our hands have committed.”
If the human being acquires the capacity to fight his fancies and attains the piety which fills his heart and soul, then he will have achieved a splendid factual accomplishment which must be maintained. Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) said, “The fruit of Ramadan is the piety and the watching for the self: that you become the pious﴿ (Al-Baqara [The Cow] Chapter/ Verse 183). And this piety is a means to reach a higher aim: and fear Allah that you may be successful﴿ (Al-Baqara Chapter/ Verse 189).”
The Redolence of Guardianship

Eid Al-Fitr is the day of the reception of the reward and of seeing the Divine Mercy after Ramadan… It is also the day of resolving to get prepared and ready throughout the year in order to receive next Ramadan.

The Props of Guidance Have Been Destroyed
The personality of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (A.S.), which is immortally renowned, represents a turnover in this history. And his loss is considered a great loss to which Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) pointed out when he said, “The martyrdom of The Prince of the Believers (A.S.) is considered a loss for the humanity throughout the centuries…”
The calamity which happened that night affected the Islamic world and the history of Islam. And this night from which we take lessons has transformed into a night of gain and gladness and win and power with respect to The Prince of the Believers (A.S.). His Eminence Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) indicated this meaning in his saying, “The night of the martyrdom of The Prince of the Believers (God’s peace bestowed upon him), which is a night of condolence and calamity for all the Muslims, has transformed into a night of gain and gladness and win with respect to The Prince of the Believers who had had an appointment with it.”
It is a calamity which is everlasting with days… for it is a calamity about which Jibrael said, “The props of guidance have, by God, been destroyed.”
Imam Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) turns towards The Most High Creator and supplicates with the following: “O my God! I ask You by the due of Mohammad and Mohammad’s Household on You to bestow Your Prayers and Peace and Kindness upon The Prince of the Believers (A.S.) and to make us from his true followers and Shiite. O my God! Protect the nation of Islam and the Islamic peoples from the wickedness of the ill doers and the enemies of the truth and the reality and the justice. And grant us victory in all the fields. And group our martyrs and great leaders with The Prince of the Believers (A.S.).”
The Commander's Jurisprudence

Expiation of breaking the fast intentionally in Ramadan month
Feeding sixty poor persons
Or freeing a slave
Or fasting two consecutive months, so that he fasts 31 days in a relay and then divides the rest as he wishes.
From the Etiquettes of the Blessed Month
The knowledge of the merit and the greatness of the days and nights of Blessed Ramadan- including the Qadr Nights, the martyrdom of The Prince of the Believers (A.S.), the anniversary of Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) ascension to the seven heavens, etc- implies on the believer to spiritually get ready in order to receive this month and to consider some of its significant etiquettes, among which are the following:
- To remember the condition of the poor and to help them
- To remember the hunger and thirst of the hereafter and the terror of The Day of Judgment
- To say at the fast breaking, “O our God! We fasted for You! And we have broken our fast with Your subsistence! So accept it from us!”
- To abundantly recite The Qur’an, supplicate, pray, and ask for forgiveness
- To occupy its blessed nights with worship
The Occasions of Ramadan

- Ramadan 1st: The burning of the Noble Prophetic Mosque in Year 652 of Immigration
- Ramadan 7th: The death of Abou Taleb, The Prophet’s (peace be upon him) uncle, in Year 2 before immigration
- Ramadan 10th: The death of Sayyeda Khadija (A.S.) in Year 2 before immigration
- Ramadan 15th: The birth of Imam Al-Hassan bin Ali (A.S.) in Year 3 of immigration
- Ramadan 17th: Badr’s Great Invasion in Year 2 of immigration
- Ramadan 18th: The occupation of the first Qadr Night with worship
 - Ramadan 19th: Wounding Imam Ali (A.S.) in Year 40 of immigration/ The religious isolation in the last ten days of Ramadan
- Ramadan 20th: Opening Makka in Year 8 of immigration/ Prophet Mohammad’s ascension to the seven heavens/ The occupation of the second Qadr Night with worship
- Ramadan 21st: The martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (A.S.) in Year 40 of immigration
- Ramadan 22nd: The occupation of the third Qadr Night with worship
- Ramadan 26th: Jerusalem’s Universal Day
- September 1st: The break out of World War One in 1914 A.D.
- September 13th: Oslo’s Agreement in 1993 A.D.
- September 17th: Sabra and Shateela Massacres in 1982 A.D.
- September 22nd: The celebration of the Divine Victory of The Resistance in July’s War in 2006 A.D.


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