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The 118th Edition- Twelfth Year- Sha'ban, 1429 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Shaaban Month and Al-Imam Mahdi (may god hasten his appearance)

The blessed appearance of Imam Al-Houjja Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) is the most important issue for which the people of the earth are waiting for. He is the sure truth; even more, he is the definite future. And this is an issue which is for all the Muslims a consensual and conclusive one. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told [the people] about it since the day on which he was in Al-Medina Al-Mounawwara [The Illuminated City]. He was saying to everybody that before the conclusion of the process of the people of the earth, it is definite that Imam Al-Houjja Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) will come out, it is definite that the twelfth one of the Imams will appear.
The Leader Sayyid Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) pointed out to the importance of this central case in his saying, "The Mahdian issue is among the basic issues of Islam which is not exclusive for the Shiites. All the Islamic group, without any exception, demonstrate that Al-Mahdi belongs to the amiable and purified progeny of God’s prophet and that he is going to fill the world with justice and equity and going to appear to establish God’s religion and to spread the truth."

In many noble texts, the term "the end of the time" is mentioned side to side with the necessity of the appearance of The Master of This Time Imam Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) as a result of the deviations which are attacking the values, convents, and conducts of the world. In addition, The Noblest Prophet (peace be upon him) used to state, under most of the titles, that in that time that moral features will be changing and the Islamic civilization will be deteriorating until Imam Al-Houjja Al-Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) will come and restore the true shining picture of Islam.
The Sayyid The Leader Al-Khamenei (May God keep him) says, "It is not disputable that the Islamic civilization will appear in its perfect picture in the era of the appearance of Baqeeyatollah [The Remaining of God], in that time in which the original Islamic civilization will be fulfilled and in which the true Islamic world will appear.
The Divine Victory A New Victory
A Lesson and Significations

On July 12th, 2006, a group of resistants took two Israelite soldiers as captives in order to liberate the captives from the Israelite prisons, on the top of which is Samir Al-Qintar. On July 16th, 2008, Samir was back with Naseem Nisir having preceded him. Samir was back along with the brothers, the alive and the martyrs, who had fought for his freedom. Is it a matter of coincidence that the promise is accomplished and that the dream is turned true in July? Or is it God’s Will and Determination which is always disposing of everything? Everyone explains [what happened] on the basis of his own belief. Still, the timing involves a lesson and significations for those who consider.
*The Elements which Led to the Victory of the Liberation of the Captives

First: The steadfastness and the victory in the confrontation of July’s Attack, the failure of the enemy in achieving any of his goals, and the great tottering on his Zionist entity
Second: The helping elements during the hard negotiations, among which are the following: the inability of the enemy to restore his two soldiers without negotiations, his security and intelligence inability not only to know where their place but also their fate
Third: The fear of the enemy of the declaration of the failure of the negotiations because this would lead The Resistance in Lebanon to carry out a new captivity operation
Fourth: The steadfastness and the resolution of Samir Al-Qintar in addition to his firm attitudes which he used to announce from inside the prison, and the steadfastness of all the resisting captives.

Their Words are Light
The Redolence of Guardianship
Sayyid Al-Sader is a man whom I can say that I reared him up. He has the same prestige which my dear children have. I hope that he, by God’s Permission, will come back to his home… I hope that that day will arrive, that day on which we, by God’s Permission, will perform the prayer with you and with Sayyid Mousa Al-Sader in Jerusalem…

A Story and a Lesson
The roar of the four spying planes over Al-Oudaysa was accompanying the consecutive Israelite air raiding. The group of "Abou Haidar" observed a penetration of a caravan of the Israelite tanks with a harrow in front of them into the olive orchards. The three resistants exchanged the sign of the beginning of the attack.
They planted the road with a net of the explosive mines and waited for the Israelites. Abou Haidar’s group was equipped with anti armor missiles. Abou Haidar gave Hadi the sign to drop a snare inside one of the houses.s.
Just several meters afar, the attack started against the penetrating tanks. The mines were exploded, so the harrow was no more working. And the Mirkava tanks were then exposed to a rain of missiles from all the directions.
Seven tanks were hit by the missiles which were shot by Mazen who was getting from every hit tank a strong motivation to go on in the confrontation and firing. Before the shelling of a machine gun stroke him in several places of his body, he had fired the last missile he had had.
The Commander's Jurisprudence

It is possible to make benefit of the satellite as regards the universal- political and cultural and sportive- observations. It has become wide spread in most houses, work centers, etc. This is permissible, yet it turns to be forbidden if it is used by:
- The one who does not trust that he will not use it for what it is forbidden
- The one who makes it available for the others who want to use it for what it is forbidden
Shaaban Month Occasions
Second of Shaaban: the imposition of fasting Ramadan month 2 (A.H.)
Third of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Hussein (A.S.) 4 (A.H.)
Fourth of Shaaban: the birth of Al-Abass (A.S.) 26(A.H.) and the day of injured
Fifth of Shaaban: the birth of Al-imam Ali the son of Hussein (A.S.) 38 (A.H.)
Eleventh of Shaaban: the birth of Ali Al-Akbar 33 (A.H.)
Fourteenth of Shaaban: commemoration of the 15 night of Shaaban
Fifteenth of Shaaban: the birth of AL-Mahdi 255 (A.H.) and the day of weak people.
Twenty-second of Shaaban: first week of the mosque
July 25: July aggression 1193(A.D.)
July 8: the outbreak of the First World War 1914 (A.D.)
July 29: Seven-day war 1993 (A.D.)
First of august: Eid of the Lebanese army
August 6: dropping the atomic bomb in heroshima 1945 (A.D.)
August 14: the end of July aggression defeat war in 2006 (A.D.)
August 21: burning Al-Aqsa mosque in 1969 (A.D.)
August 31: absence of Imam-Mousa Al-Sader and his two companions in 1978 (A.D.)

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