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News Categories » Guardianship Lofty Tree » 1429 A.H.

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The 116th Edition- Eleventh Year- Jumada II, 1429 A.H.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Fatima (A.S.) the Supporter of the Martyrs

Al-Sayyeda Fatima was in the prelude of the Muslim women who participated in the wars that the Muslims forded to defend their creed. And she used to do things which a woman is able to do in the battlefield including the needs of the fighters and the "mujahedin."

Al-Zahraa also had a special relation with the martyrs. This relation could be summarized by the following:

Crying on the Martyrs

It was narrated that when Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) left from Uhud to Al-Madina, while burying the martyrs, Saad Ben Mouath and Usayed Ben Hodayr told him: "No woman will cry on her loved ones before Fatima comes to console her." And when the Prophet heard the cries flowing on Hamza when he was near Fatima, he told to the women: "Get back God bless you. You consoled."

Consoling the Martyrs’ Families

Not only did Fatima share the martyrs’ families with crying on their dead ones, but she also consoled them by making food for these families for three days. That became a "Sunna" later on.

Al-Imam Al Sadek (A.S.) said: "when Jafar Ben Abi Talib passed away, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) ordered Al-Sayyeda Fatima to take food to Asmaa Benet Amays and visit her with some women and stay with her for three days."

The Holiness of Martyrs

Al-Sayyeda Al-Zahraa was known for her holy view toward the martyrs; she used to start her week by visiting their graves. Al-Imam Al-Sadek said: "Fatima visited the martyrs’ graves at the dawn of every Saturday; she goes to Al-Hamza’s grave to ask for his mercy and forgiveness."

Starting her week by visiting the graves of the martyrs, expresses Fatima's (A.S.) appreciation for both martyrdom and martyrs.

The Martyr’s Rosary

Al-Imam Al-Sadek described this rosary by saying: "it is made up of blue threads and it includes 34 beads. It is called the Rosary of Fatima. When Al-Hamza was killed, she made a rosary of his grave’s clay. She used to glorify God with it after each prayer." She didn’t want to forget the martyrs with every prayer and worship and praise for God.

The Redolence of Guardianship

"If a person felt that he belongs to a faithful resisting movement based on not shooting any bullet unless it is for achieving a right and eliminating an absurd, and it works to diminish injustice and to enforce justice, and to allow a faithful community to protect his independence and personality and identity facing any invader, shouldn’t it be a source of pride for him?!! No doubt, it deserves a lot of thanking."

Rouh Allah's call

"The women should take Al-Zahraa as an example in the domains of asceticism, piety, virtue, learning, self jihad, and defending on Islam."

A Story and a Lesson

"Jihad" is talking about Israel.

All the battles look alike with respect to the fighters and weapons. But the difference is in the power of fire and the precision of information. One of the strugglers named Jihad talks about that saying: "in sometimes, we felt that the sky was raining missiles. And that was the only difficulty.

And we were always very near to the Israelis that some of the guys would call them from behind the ramparts and we would hear the threats and insults."

Jihad wonders after many rounds of fights in the battlefield during the days of "The Truthful Promise" how the Arab armies were defeated facing the Israeli army. He says: "all day I used to see the Jews, they are cowards and dumb. The media is delinquent with them. They are more coward than they show them." He thinks for a while, then his eyes become bright and he continues: "spirituality and faith are more important than military power, and that what the Israeli lacks; this is the secret of the steadfastness of the resistance in a small hole while the plane invades on him about fifty times per day."

We heard that from Jihad and we were convinced that the hand that is washed for ablution and fights is undefeatable, and it plants horror within the enemy.

Hope and Model, the Highness and Pride

"The last two decades of our national history were full of important events that left traces on our being and paved the way for a future of salivation and integrity.

And it is clear that our stage witnessed two great and rare events, until now, we are living in their shades and enjoy their blessings:
The first: is represented in the dominical personality that made people move from darkness to light. It is Al-Imam Al-Khomeini's personality who was the leader, the guide, and the model and every Muslim found in him the hope and model.

The second: is represented in the wonderful and the blessed experience that the Islamic resistance in Lebanon plunged; which was a shining flashlight and a glimpse from Imam Khomeini's lights which formed with its martyrs and strugglers and all its patient supporters the address of highness and pride.

The Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah

The Commander's Jurisprudence

Do you know that marriage contract is invalid via internet?
And that’s because it is conditioned by:
- Oral acceptance
- Answering affirmatively and being related to each other

Do you know that it is forbidden to enter some sites on the internet?
This if it the net was:
- If they spread dubieties that may affect the person’s religion.
- If they spread porn pictures.

Occasions of the Month of Jamada Al-Akhira

- Third of Jamada Al-Akhira: martyr of Al-Sayyeda Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S.) in 11 A.H.
- Eleventh of Jamada Al-Akhira: the battle of Al-Jamal
- Thirteenth of Jamada Al-Akhira: death of Um al Baneen (Imam Ali’s wife)
- Twentieth of Jamada Al-Akhira: birth of Al-Sayyeda Al-Zahraa (A.S.) (7 B.C.) and Imam Khomeini in 1902 A.D.
- Fifth June: the setback of 1967 A.D. and occupation of Shibha and Julan and the West Bank and Sinaa.
The international day of protecting the environment
- Sixth of June: the international day for fighting smoking.
The Beginning of the Israeli invasion to Lebanon 1982 A.D.

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