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The 115th Edition- Eleventh Year- Jumada I, 1429 A.H.

 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Yes, Israel will Vanquish

On The Day of Resistance and Liberation, on the day of the great and magnificent historical victory... before and after everything, we, the servants of God, announce in front of the entire world that this victory is from The Most Glorified and High God. He is Who led us towards the path of resistance. He is the one who guided us to the straight path. He is Who made our hearts firm since long years. He is the one who filled our hearts with reassurance and our souls with the love of martyrdom... And we thank Him. And we praise Him. And we glorify Him. And we ask forgiveness from Him. And we repent to Him. And we submit to Him. And we ask him to complete for us our victory in the liberation of the whole land, all the brothers, and the entire of this tortured and oppressed nation.

The Messages of Victory

To the Arabic and Islamic Nations

- Put the despair aside and be armed with hope. Put the weakness aside and raise up the spirits and the wills.

- This victory lays the grounds for a new historical period and closes the door before a past historical period.

- We offer this victory to the peoples of our Arabic and Islamic nations.

To the Lebanese People

- Maintain this accomplishment and this victory, and work at reinforcing it.

- Prove to this region that we deserve victory.

- Behave on the basis that this victory is for all the Lebanese people.

- Do not be deceived by the enemy’s call for Lebanon to consider the withdrawal as a message of peace.

- You are moving towards huge accomplishments: completing the liberation and getting back the captives.

O, Lebanese People!
We are near a conspiring enemy whose nature is that of attack and terrorism, whose racist nature makes it conspire all the time. Because of this, all of us must be always ready, must preserve our resistance, army, country, and national and internal unity in order to fortify this victory and to prove that Lebanon is the castle which can be defeated neither by tempests nor by hurricanes, which can not be cracked by the strongest earthquakes.
Quoted from the speech which the master of the Resistance Sayyed Hassan Nassrallah
Delivered in the Celebration of Victory on May 2000

Sayyeda Zeinab (A.S.): The Noble Daughter of the Household

The Most High God’s Will was to honor Sayyda Zeinab (A.S.) in everything concerning her, so she was dignified. Every time she is mentioned, her lofty prestige emerges in equivalence to her name and her value. On the anniversary of her aromatic birth, we are going to follow up some imprints of her honor, so that they will be our supply throughout our travel from the disgrace of the low animalism towards the dignity of the sublime humanity.

The Honor of Her Naming

When her eyes were opened to this life, her mother Sayyda Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S.) brought her to her father The Prince of the Believers Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (A.S.) and said to him, "Give a name to this female newborn." He (A.S.) answered, "I would not give her a name before God’s prophet does."

When The Prophet (peace be upon him) came back from his travel and when The Prince asked him to give a name for her, The Prophet answered, "I would not give her a name before my God does." At that, Jibrael came down and said to him, "Call this female newborn Zeinab (A.S.), for God chose this name for her."

The Honor of the Family

The impeccable Household (God’s peace bestowed upon them) were greatly attached to the little baby Zeinab. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) used to weep when she talked to him. And The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) used to talk with her a lot in what revealed her divine knowledge. Moreover, Al-Hassan’s and Al-Houssein’s (A.S.) attachment to her manifested in many pictures throughout their lives with her. One is that wonderful picture in which Imam Al-Houssein (A.S.), while still being young, saw his sister Zeinab asleep with the sun spotted over her, so he stood in a way by which he would hide her from the sun by means of his blessed body.

The Honor of the Work

Sayyda Zeinab (A.S.) had a prominent role in fortifying and developing the womanish society. When she was in Al-Kufa, she used to hold a council in her house in which she illustrated The Noble Qur’an.

Sheikh Al-Saddouk mentioned, "Until Imam Zein Al-Abideen (A.S.) was healed from his disease, the people had used to refer to her as regards what is permitted and what is forbidden. As regards her worship, she reached a rank rarely had a woman reached to the extent that Imam Zein Al-Abideen (A.S.) said, "In spite of all the calamities and crises afflicting her along our way to Sham, my aunt Zeinab never abandoned her night desirable prayers.’"

The Honor of the Message

The missionary character of Al-Hawraa Zeinab (A.S.) has several aspects. In spite of the loss of the beloved ones and the horribleness of the tragedy and the hugeness of the responsibility, this Hashemeeyyeet daughter confronted the tyrants of her time with an unmatchable solidity. Moreover, she carried the message of the martyrdom of her brother Imam Al-Houssein (A.S.) and declared the triumph of his blood over the sword of Yazeed, thus crying in the latter’s face, "Do your conspiracy. And follow up your pursuit. And exert all your effort in hostility. By God! You will not be able to wipe off our name; and you will not be able to deaden our revelation; and the shame will never be washed off you. Your opinion is but a dotage, and your days but a number and your group but a scattering, on the day when the caller will cry that God’s curse be bestowed upon the oppressors."

A Story and a Lesson

"The mornings of May chirp more than their birds do," so whispered Hajj Baker to himself while he was carrying his path companion the 120 cannon and while he was moving among the Israelite garrisons in the occupied front line in order to arrive at the outskirts of Rshaf Garrison. The resistance had a work to do there, and his mission was to shell the front parts of the garrison in order to pave the way for the resistants to break in.

After he had walked for a whole day alone as usual, he arrived at the specified point. He prepared the cannon and sat amid the shrubs, lamenting Imam Al- Houssein at one time, and chanting for the resistance at another time, and praying every now and then, and then reading in a whispering voice the Qur’anian verse he could.

The night fell down quickly, yet the next morning was late to rise. At the dawn, he opened his walkie talkie in order to hear the secret word which would mean for him "Shell". The middle of the day broke, but he still had not heard what he was waiting for. So, he began to change the waves, and he heard calls and dialogues of which he understood nothing. Worry began to crawl to him: Why had not the operation started yet?!

His water and food supply ran out because he had not had much. The sunset fell down, and he had not drunk even a drop of water since the morning. It became night, and the battery of the walkie talkie began to weaken in spite of the fact that he had not used it for fear of leakage. He thought deeply before arriving at a decision. The situation could be bore no more; he had to find out what was going on.
He used the Emergency Wave for the Firing Commission and called, "Rabea 7". He was answered, "Who is calling Rabea 7?" He answered, "It is Baker." A high voice asked him, "Where are you, Baker?" He answered astonished, "I am where I must be."

After that, he heard a loud laughter through the walkie talkie and a voice which he knew well saying to him, "What are you still doing there? Pack up your things and come back. It is over. Israel withdrew."

Hajj Baker moved the walkie talkie away from his mouth a little. He looked at Rsahf and then at the far where the Palestinian lands spread. He thought deeply for moments and then drew the walkie talkie close to his mouth again and said, "Rabea 7! Give me the GPS [Global Positioning System] of the borders. Those are betraying people whom one can not trust. Tomorrow we have a lot to do. From Baker, Over..."

He stood upright, recording on the iron of his cannon the GPS of the locations of the borders with Palestine.

The Occasions of Jumada the First

- Jumada the First 5th: The birth of Sayyda Zeinab (A.S.) in the fifth year of immigration

- Jumada the First 10th: The martyrdom of Jaafar ibn Ali Taleb (A.S.) in the battle of Moa’ta in the eighth year of immigration

- Jumada the First 27th: An outrageous attack of the shrine of the two Askarian Imams [Imam Ali Al-Hadi and Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari (A.S.)] in Sa’mor’raa in 1427 of immigration

- May 15th: Britain’s withdrawal from Palestine/ The rise of The Zionist entity in 1948 A.D.

- May 17th: The disgraceful agreement between the Lebanese government and The Zionist entity in 1983 A.D.

- May 23rd: The Day of the Lebanese Captives and Liberated

- May 25th: The withdrawal of the Israelite enemy from Lebanon in 2000 A.D. / The Day of Resistance and Liberation

- June 4th: The Israelite invasion of Lebanon in 1982 A.D. / The passing away of Imam Al-Khomeini (May his secret be sacred)

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