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The 111th Edition- Eleventh Year- Muharram, 1429 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

How Far is Disgrace From us

We offer condolences to Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (may God hasten his appearance), to the supreme leader of the Muslims Al-Imam Al-Khamenei (may God keep him) and to all the Muslims especially the strugglers because of the anniversary of Ashura Al-Imam Al-Hussein.

At the beginning, we ask about the situation that made Al-Imam Al-Hussein feel that Islam couldn’t survive without a sacrifice like the one he had done…

We have to look to the mildew disease, which had infected the Muslim's society reaching Yazid. What had happened after twenty years of Al-Imam Ali’s martyrdom to raise the heads of his sons on spears and walk in the city holding them?

Al-Koufa wasn’t a strange city of religion, but Al-Koufa was the same place where Imam Ali had to walk and ask people to "enjoy what is right and forbid the wrong". Also the recitation of the holy Quran from that mosque was heard during the day and at night… this is the city and the market that Imam- Ali's daughters passed by and they were prisoners…. what had happened to reach this point?

According to the following verse: but there came after them an evil generation, who neglected prayers and followed and sensual desires, so they win meet perdition﴿ (Mariam: 59), there are two main reasons for this general deviation:

The first:
Is to stay away from the remembrance and forgetting what God's owns.
The second: Seeking desires and following passion.

In other word, loving life and caring about gathering wealth, money and savoring the appetites of the world and falling in it. Everyone has to think how to save himself from the battle and when we are accustomed to follow others in pursuit of the world, and when we care first for ourselves and our interests forgetting the society, for sure we will reach this situation. If the criterion of piety is changed in the society, then a piety person as Imam Al-Hussein will be blood growled. If worldly, domination, controlling the world, fraud and lying and not following the Islamic values are the angel; then a person like Yazid will control the things and a person like Obaida Allah Ben Zeyad will become the first man in the community.

Al-Hussein is the Light of Right and the Boat of Salvation

The history has recorded a great place for Al-Hussein's companions which it didn’t record to any when it was fair. This high status is for them (may God bless them) for their great sacrifices that are originated from their devotion to God and the passion they felt towards Al-Imam Al-Hussein. They, with the great gathered qualities, we should care about and say:

"Oh, wish we were with you, we will have a great win". Also they were distinguished from others that they maintained the time of prayer.

It was reported that "Al-Saeedy" looked at the sky and went on turning his face and then went to Al-Imam Al-Hussein and said: "my self is for your sake, I see those became close to you, I swear by God that you won't be killed until am killed with you and I like to meet my God and I have prayed this prayer with you." He (A.S.) answered him: "you mentioned the prayer; God made you one of those who prays and supplicates." Then they performed the prayer.

Performance of the People's Rights

As it was narrated about Al-Imam Al-Hussein that he had said: "a man isn't killed with us and he has a debt", Al-Imam wanted them to be distinguished in their martyrdom with full lucid.


It was mentioned in the visit to the holy side: "peace be upon you for your patience, hence the end will be nice".

Tiding to Meet God

After Al-Imam Al-Hussein told them that they would be killed, they said: "All praise is due to Allah, who blessed us to aid you and honored us to fight with you, so don’t we accept to be in your degree, o son of the prophet."

Dedication of loyalty toward Al Imam (A.S.)

That was reflected in what Saeed Bin Abdullah Al-Hanafi said to Al-Imam Al-Hussein: "I swear by God we wont leave you until Allah knows that we preserved the prophet's absence by you, my God if I know that I m going to be killed, then revived, then burned alive, then scattered in air, that done seventy times to me I won't leave you until I meet death with you, and how I don’t do that and it is a one killing and then dignity that doesn’t end."

Peace be upon them, they were companions who showed a glorious sample in how you be friendly to an infallible Imam. So is there anyone today who made himself a good company to the Imam of his time?

A Story and a Lesson

Don’t give the enemy a privilege for our freedom

On the occasion of the prisoners and the liberated day, we provide this story that Imam Al-Khamenei said:

"We were in the followed two years of accepting a cease-fire resolution reading some letters that were sent from the prisoners in Al Iraq's jails to their families. Where the families had to bring us the letters when they find that some statements are directed to us, and I had to answer many of is. The content was: don’t give any concession to the enemy for our freedom. And that was a source of pride for our nation. Where our prisoner writes that he wants to be librated with self-esteem and he doesn't want us abase you for our freedom; they had to say that instead of begging in every way to get rid of the prison.

These honored certificates will be reserved for our people for ever. And that was the situation of the captives' families, fathers, mothers, spouses and children had to suffer a lot without putting pressure on the state because they knew that the leaders were trying to liberate their sons with dignity and pride and that what had happened by Allah's help and power."

The Redolence of Guardianship

"Wherever corruption is found, Imam Hussein will be alive and present to teach us how to fix it, for this the name of Imam Al-Hussein must stays alive and the memory of Ashura alive, because the memory of Karbalaa makes this practical lesson in mind."

Rouh Allah's Call

"Lets make the boards of memory to the master of oppressed more magnificent and gorgeous. They are the boards of predominance of reason over the forces of arrogance, justice over injustice, loyalty over treason, the government of Islam over the government of juggernaut and to rise up the bloody banners of Ashura announcing it is the day of the revenge of the oppressed over the oppressor."

The Commander's Jurisprudence

The conditions of Ritual Ablution

The terms that should be followed by the one who wants to perform ritual ablution:
1- While ablution, he should put in his mind the "purpose" of his work.
2- Nothing prevents him of using water (sickness or something else).
3- He must have plenty of time for ablution and prayer.

Terms of water ablution:

1- To be absolute (non- added as juice).
2- To be pure (non-impure)
3- To be permissible (not usurped)

Terms of organs ablution

1- To be pure
2- It shouldn’t have a hind that prevents water to reach them.

Terms of how to perform ablution

1- Taking into account the sequence in washing and scanning (respectively)
2- Performing the acts without a break that lead the dryness of an organ (Mowalat).
3- Doing these acts by himself.(direct).


First of Muharam: The start of the ceremonies of Ashura for the year 1429 A.H. (the beginning of the Islamic year)
Second of Muharam: The arrival of Al-Imam Hussein to Karbalaa 61 A.H.
Tenth of Muharam: The martyrdom of Al-Hussein and his family and his companions 61 A.H.
Eleventh of Muharam: The captivity of the prophet's family to Al-Koufa 61 A.H.
Thirteenth of Muharam: The martyrs of karblaa were buried 61 A.H. (Imam Al-Hussein and his family and companions in 61 A.H.
Sixteenth of Muharram: Changing the Kiblah from Al-Quds to Kaaba in 2 A.H.
Twenty-fifth of Muharam: The martyrdom of Al-Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein 94 A.H.
Thirty of Muharam: The battle of "Siffin" 38 A.H. and the death of Ammar Bin Yasser.
Twenty- nine of January: The day of freedom for the Lebanese and the Palestinians prisoners.

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